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Tejomaya Update: The Blog It is A’Changin’ (Eventually)

laptop-691208_1280     Hey There, Well-Beings!

It’s been a trying several days. Despite my best efforts, it looks like the Crud Monster got a hold of me. Once it got a hold of me, it sorta shook me by the shoulders and yelled “Rest, you Silly Woman!”, so resting is what I’ve been doing. It’s been dare-I-say pleasant, despite the achy, malaisy, coughiness of it all. I’ve been able to get some high quality sleep under my belt and it’s been easier to keep mindless snacking to a minimum when I’ve had access to my blender to make smoothies and juices. I actually feel nourished, which I think makes such a huge difference in cleaning up the diet. When goodness goes in, goodness is what you crave. It works the same way when we surround ourselves in positivity and gratitude. It’s just a matter of doing it, then sweetness follows.

The time I’ve not spent sleeping or loading my blender with fruits and veg has been spent thinking about where both I am, and the blog is headed this year. Two things keep coming up for both, so I thought I’d share while the inspiration and brief energy to type has hit.

Wait, you mean this Facebook machine makes calls and plays music, too? Nuh uh. No way.

Wait, you mean this Facebook machine makes calls and plays music, too? Nuh uh. No way.

First, I want to be on social media less. Last year I spent a whole heap of time planning posts, designing graphics and succumbing to the general drama of social media. A lot of people in my field wanted me to believe that if I was going to have success as an introvert with a somewhat unconventional sentiment to share, that I had to be ever present, posting three and four times a day to “reach my audience” and I burned myself out believing it. Do I believe in the power of social media to spread a message of hope and kindness to a world that is in serious need of a hug and a “you’re doing just fine, buddy”? Totally. Do I think it’s necessary to be plugged-in all the time? No, nope, no way. I think being tied to my devices and constantly checking to see if something got likes (both on my blog and personal page) did some kinda rotten stuff to my brain and my soul this last year. I felt overly connected, but totally out of touch at the same time. I felt irritated and very impatient. I also felt fearful, due to the sheer amount of political infotainment coming at my eyeballs all day long. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that we need to be informed about, and there will be plenty of opportunities to use our voices to spread a message of love and tolerance on those issues in the near future so I’m not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand, but I’m not at all interested in getting my news from Facebook anymore. Not when I could listen to a short world news segment in the car on my way to work and spend the rest of my day listening to the new Jamiroquai album or taking my camera out for some shots on my lunch break. The world does need that strange and beautiful gift inside of us, but first it needs us to be sane, centered and smart enough to weed out the divinely inspired shit from the bullshit. So, Social Media? I want to see other people. Like, in person, for tea and an actual conversation.

As a segue to my second topic, let me say that I would like to experiment more with things like Instagram and Pinterest. As an amateur photographer, I really love Instagram. It doesn’t feel as limiting and icky as Facebook and Twitter, and some of those shots are so gorgeous they get my fires of inspiration all lit up! Pinterest is very much the same for me. As I begin to share new projects I’m working on, it’s a platform that feels fun and kinda exciting. More like an exchange of ideas amongst folks who are into the same stuff you like, and not, you know, polluted with gross-trolling. I will still use Facebook for blog posts and to share pertinent Tejomaya-related news, but I’m excited to wade into friendlier, prettier waters. You can join me there, if you wanna:


The second thing that’s been on my mind is giving things a creative facelift over here. Last year was a toughie. I survived by visiting my friends at Michaels and just making things. I bought a watercolor set, I made tons of jewelry, I ventured into the magical world of Sculpey and I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say this, I think it saved my life a couple of times from some dark, ugly places. Creating things that filled me with joy was a natural progression to becoming a co-creator of a life that I love, and I think it’s a totally valid and wonderful way to work out emotional and mental kinks that get us all blocked up. I have some plans in mind for modifying things a smidge to accommodate my vision, but if you’ve been coming here for the health articles and stress management tips, don’t worry a bit. I’m still keeping that up, I’m just sharing the spotlight with something that’s been joyfully therapeutic for me and I feel urged to open up about. I will probably be rolling things out a little bit at a time, as I’m sort of feeling my way though this, but I hope you’ll welcome and love the changes. I’m really excited to show you all of the artsy-craftsy goodness that’s been going on over here and hope to even get some items up for sale as that dream begins to unfold.

Seriously, let's make some cool stuff together!

Seriously, let’s make some cool stuff together!

That’s what’s been on my heart between naps, puppy snuggles, and endless cups of ginger tea. I hope I’m finding every one of you well, and if you are not, that you make taking care of yourself a priority, because you matter. A lot.  Sending you love from my blanket fort and as always…

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Winter Wellness with Elderberry

elberberries     Hey there, Well Beings!

I wrote an article for Inner Child Magazine back in December about how to keep your immune system running on all cylinders during cold and flu season, and since I took my sabbatical during that month, I wanted to share it with you now. We may not be in the midst of the holiday season anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from this cool little berry. Enjoy and be healthy!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,




We’re in the thick of the holidays, and while lots of us are thinking about cranberries, there’s another berry you may want to consider as you scramble for those last minute gifts for loved ones: the elderberry. Also known as sambucus, the elderberry is a berry with immune boosting benefits that could come in handy as the stress of the season starts setting in. Elderberry’s benefits extend beyond the common cold and flu, though. In fact, once you discover all of its amazing uses, you may find yourself wanting to keep this wonderful fruit around all year long.


Nutritionally speaking, the elderberry is pretty impressive. Loaded with vitamins A though C and minerals like potassium and iron, it’s a supplement that adds plenty of value. It’s also full of dietary fiber and protein, making it a great addition to your existing lineup. If that weren’t enough, it’s higher in antioxidants than the blueberry. Not bad for an uncommon fruit!


While multiple studies point to elderberry as helpful in fighting viruses such as influenza, according to Web MD, the small purple berry may also be of assistance with certain inflammatory ailments, such as sciatica and joint pain. The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that elderberry may be useful in the treatment bacterial sinusitis, as well. It’s even been shown to improve gastrointestinal problems like gas and constipation and could be helpful in fighting heart disease.


If you’re ready to reach for the elderberry, you have some options to consider. Aside from supplements in the form of syrups, tinctures, and capsules, you can also consume elderberries in jams and jellies, and even in wine. Don’t just pluck them off the bush, though. Consumed raw, the elderberry can be toxic, as it contains trace elements of cyanide that cook off when heated. For that reason, it’s best to stick to ready-made varieties. Finally, check with your doctor if you are pregnant, if you have any pre-existing health issues, or are taking any medications or supplements to make sure there won’t be any reactions that could cause harm to your health. Improvement is the name of the game, so be safe with your supplements and enjoy the fruits of this holiday season!


How Do You Want to Feel? (And How That Question Can Help You Create the Year You Desire!)

map-455769_1280     Hey there, Well-Beings! Long time no write, eh? I’d originally planned on not coming back until after the beginning of January, but that little voice within told me to share what I’m doing tonight, so here I am, back a little early to share my secrets for setting up a successful year with you. On a side note, I noticed this will be my 100th post, so it looks like I’ll have something else to celebrate tonight! I’m not exactly filling the champagne flutes with bubbly over here, but I am pre-gaming 2017 by getting some things out on paper. I’m not making resolutions, though. Nope, I’m doing something much more effective and so, so much more fun.


2015 was one of the best years of my life. I checked so many amazing things off of my life list that I would be hard-pressed to find another year in my memory that competes with it. I became certified as a Usui reiki master and teacher, I studied craniosacral therapy, I certified in kundalini yoga and pranayama, and became a teacher of numerous disciplines of meditation, amongst many other life changing goals that I had set out to achieve. It’s no wonder on December 31 of 2015, that I had a glimmer of hope and my eye, and a lot of enthusiasm about what 2016 would bring.


Buuuuut, 2016 did not go so well. In fact, for all the joyful moments and extreme highs that the prior-year had brought me, I would say that 2016 presented me with the same number or more challenging experiences and soul crushing lows. Yes, a good chunk of that was in the sheer volume of personal heroes I said goodbye to this year, but a fair amount of blame rests on my own shoulders, as well. It’s not that I failed to plan; it’s that I failed to plan in the right way, and it changed my course so significantly that I almost handed in the towel on this whole blogging business and just walked away from everything I’ve spent two years creating. What a difference a year makes, huh?


So here’s what I learned. Making a list of traditional resolutions? Waste of my time, my ink, and my paper. What I needed to do was get back in touch with how I wanted to feel. Ya feel me? When I rang in 2015, I had just read Danielle Laporte’s book The Desire Map. A lot of you are already familiar with the book and the process of desire mapping itself, but in case you’re not I’ll give you a very short summary. Goals are great, but they are not really what we’re after. What we truly want is the feeling associated with achieving those goals. When we zero in on how it is we want to feel, the roadmap for getting there often becomes far more expansive. For example, maybe we have “Run a Marathon” on our resolution list, but a month into training we become sidelined by a major injury. That can really wreck a person’s resolve, especially if they don’t understand that the underlying reason they want to run that marathon is because they want to feel accomplished. While waylaid with the injury, there could be any number of other ways a person could continue the path toward feeling accomplished. They could learn a foreign language, they could teach themselves to paint with watercolors, they could work for that promotion, or they could write that novel that’s been building inside them for years. When you are not married to the what, the how can present many opportunities for success.

So back to December 31st 2014, I just finished reading The Desire Map, and something about goal setting had really clicked with me. I started 2015 with a Desire Map Day Planner, which gave me a daily opportunity to focus on the things I most wanted to feel that year. Looking back on the things that I accomplished, on the things I was most proud of and the things I considered my highlight reel, they so closely followed my CDF’s, or my Core Desired Feelings, that it’s of little surprise that I got exactly where I wanted to go. I felt my way there.

Here's  a little secret: These are my 2017 CDFs!

Here’s a little secret: These are my 2017 CDFs!


Now, 2016? That was a different story. I used another planner, and I’m not knocking it. It was colorful, and beautiful, and it had some helpful features that I really appreciated. What it didn’t do is have me focusing on a daily basis on exactly how I wanted to feel, and that seemingly small difference is what made all of the difference. This year totally got away from me.


The clarity that I had in 2015 was mucked up, muddied and altogether missing from 2016, so this year, I’m going back to basics. I’ve got my markers, my washi tape, and my colored pencils out and I’m going into 2017 heavily armed. I started yesterday by making myself a wish list. Not a list of resolutions, but a list of things I really wanted to see happen this year. What that’s going to help me do tonight, is isolate the reoccurring themes for how it is I most want to feel this next year. From there, I’ll be able to design a map that will get me there, and if I find I need to change direction at any point in time in order to arrive at my Core Desired Feeling, I will be able to give myself the freedom to do so. No harm, no foul; just good feelings.



I know you’re probably seeing this year off tonight, but I’d love to hear how you’re planning to make 2017 your best year ever. Do you Desire Map? Do you make resolutions? Is there something else you do successfully to reach your goals? Share in the comments below. Let’s help each other get where we’re going!


Wishing You Total Well-Being (and a New Year Full of Feeling Good),




P.S. Exciting Tejomaya Wellness news coming in the New Year! I cannot friggin’ wait to show you all the goodness I have in store for you!

Happy Holidays!

 image    Hi, Well-Beings!

I hope every one of you is doing well. After toying with the idea for the past month, I have decided to take a break from blogging through the end of the year, starting today. I will still be posting my daily November Gratitude Photo Challenge pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but starting December 1st, I will be taking a sabbatical from my social media platforms, as well. I have some personal and creative projects that I want to complete before 2016 comes to a close, and I also want to take some time to rest and reflect as I look ahead to 2017. I hope that this holiday season finds you healthy and happy. I also hope that if you find you need a rest, that you give yourself that gift.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



The Importance of Doing Nothing: Why Rest is Really Necessary

image   Hey There, Well-Beings!

It’s been a rough week. I had an enormous  pile of work on my desk and lots of last minute “Hey, can you do this” side projects that had right-now deadlines. The pressure was in-tense. I also had life stuff to handle at home that was pretty pressing, and a whole lot of little things to do, too. Gotta drop off rent before the office closes, gotta go get that missing ingredient for my tutorial, gotta cancel that account before the charges roll over. There were a lot of gottas, and not a lot of wannas and it caught up with me hard. In fact, I finally let myself take a two-and-a-half-hour nap yesterday and I conked out so hard, I straight up drooled on the pillow. Gross? Sure, but also an indication that I needed to rest, so I took the weekend off. In fact, I’m resting right now. Allow me to explain…

I had a plan for blog topics that I made sometime after the first of the year. It was carefully designed calendar and organized AF. I’m still incredibly proud of the work that went into it. It didn’t account for life much, though. Those times we miss personal deadlines because the fridge breaks, or we spend the whole night on the phone with customer service, or our sweet animal companion has an upset tummy and needs to go outside a lot. The pressure we put on ourselves to make something of our side hustle, or in trying to turn it into our main hustle, on top of the pressure we may get from life and from our day jobs will reach an end point eventually. I’m not even talking about the point where something cleanly resolves itself and can be checked off of the To Do as an I Did. I’m talking about the point where you simply cannot press forward for one second longer because you’ve let yourself run on copious amounts of coffee, Kind Bars, and cosmic bargaining and your body and your brain both say “Nope. We did your stuff all week and we’ve decided we want to take a nap.”


I listened. I listened mostly because my eyelids were closing on their own and there was already a terrier snoozing peacefully beside me. I listened because the continued pressure I was placing on myself to make headway on my ongoing decluttering project and get writing done for the week was self-inflicted and the world wasn’t going to stop spinning on its axis if I deviated from the plan to take a little two-day sabbatical. My dreams are important, and so are yours. You will have to press forward sometimes when you’d rather watch Friends re-runs in your bathrobe, but there are also times when that stressful week you just got through truly warrants a siesta, and when those times come around, take the nap, or the bath, or the hike, or whatever recharges you best. You cannot get where you’re going without getting your battery power back up to full strength. Your publication calendar, or whatever your goal list looks like, will still be there when you come back bright eyed and better and you will be better for it.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Gratitude Review: October

gratitude-review_     Sheesh, is it really the end of October, already? This is easily one of my favorite months, and it seems like it only started last week. Thank goodness there’s still Halloween, right? While I love the magic of Christmas and the warm fuzzies of Thanksgiving, Halloween has always been my favorite. Dress-up was a thing I never outgrew, and when I became a make-up artist in my twenties, my love only grew deeper. In fact, my brushes are calling. Once I get this posted, I may just spend the rest of the day playing and planning next year’s costume. I don’t take enough time to do this, so I’m being thankful in advance.


It sounds a little phoned in, but this month I’ve also been thankful for thankfulness, or at least the opportunity to feel thankfulness for the great things in my life. Tuesday is the start of my November Gratitude Photo Challenge, and I’m looking so forward to it.  So much of this year has been challenging, painful, and tense.  If ever there was a time where I need to stop dwelling on the negative and experience gratitude in my life, to take stock in all of the things around me that fill me with joy, peace, and love, that time is now. I really don’t think it’s too late to end this year on a positive note and that’s exactly what I hope to accomplish in doing this. I hope you’ll join me. Gratitude is always better when it’s shared.


I’m still making good on my promise to make time for creative pursuits each Friday with #CreativeFriday, and it’s starting to seep over into the other days of the week as well. It’s been so great to come home from the stress of work and get my hands on my paintbrushes or plan out and get going on a new jewelry design for a few hours before heading to bed. I end the day feeling like the frustration has totally left me and like I’ve really accomplished something that I can be proud of. I share photos of my projects on my Instagram, and on my personal Facebook page and it’s really been great to see positive feedback from friends and followers, too. The best benefit has been follow-through. Because I’m holding myself accountable to get something out each week, I’m not leaving half-finished projects in a corner where they are collecting dust. I’m actually seeing them through to completion and have been able to wear, display, and use my work as a great bonus for not abandoning the process before it gets done. I mean, who isn’t grateful for unique pieces they made themselves?

How has October been going for you? Do you have a killer Halloween costume that you want to show us? Did you get any great photos of the leaves changing that you need to share with the world? What Fall recipes are your favorites right now? I want to celebrate all of the things that made you thankful this month! Leave your comments and photos below and let’s keep the happiness happening!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,




November Gratitude Photo Challenge 2016

november     Since I had such a great response last year, and I had so much fun participating, I’ve decided to host another November Gratitude Photo Challenge this year! For those of you who are new to the blog or maybe didn’t participate last year, it’s a very simple concept, and even easier to play along. I’m planning to snap a photo of one thing that puts a smile on my face, gives me the warm fuzzies, or stirs up a general sense of gratitude and then write a small paragraph explaining why I’m thankful for it each day in November.  If you did play along last year, I’m making one minor tweak. No more themes! While it was fun seeking creative shots to fit the daily assignment, I think creativity works best without restriction, so this year anything goes! This is a 30 day commitment to creating a habit of thankfulness, but let’s be real. We’re on our phones posting things to social media and Instagram all day anyway, right? What if by the end we walked away with an awesome experience that made us happier, less anxious, helped us be more in the moment and provided us with all of the other wonderful things that gratitude can do? It would be totally worth taking an extra 10 minutes each day to take care of ourselves and have a collection of cool photographs to show for it, right?


You don’t have to be thankful for only the big things like a new car, or a promotion at work. You can also be thankful for the little stuff, like a good hair day, or making it to your destination with all green lights. I’d venture to say that there are no small things when it comes to gratitude, especially because my experience with this last year put me in a place where each day built on the last and by the end, I felt like I was walking around with a sense of wonder about the world and how many beautiful things happen around me each day that I hadn’t slowed down enough in the past to notice. I think with all of the divisiveness that’s gone on this year, I could stand to feel that way again. If you want to join me, I’ll be sharing my photos on Instagram (I’m tejomayawellness), and using the hashtags #TejomayaThankfulness and #NovemberGratitudePhotoChallenge. If we haven’t connected there, shoot me a request and I’ll follow you back! I’ll also be sharing my photos on my like page on Facebook and on my personal page if you want to join me there, instead. I promise it won’t just be photos of my dog! (Though, at least one of them totally will be.)


Get those cameras ready! We start Tuesday, November 1st. I can’t wait to see what all of you are thankful for! Check in with me after the challenge is over on December 1st and let me know what the experience was like for you. I’m already anticipating busted-ruts, bursts of creativity, and tons of joyful moments!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Tutorial: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

diy     I love coffee, but something changed over the past couple of years that makes it hard for me to drink at times. Depending on the acidity of the brew, I just can’t stomach it. I was discussing it with a friend of mine and she recommended getting a french press because it might cut down on some of the acid. I’d been meaning to invest in one so I could make loose leaf tea in larger quantities, so for Christmas last year, my generous fella bought me one for a gift. It did seem to help some, but I was still having some acid upset, so coffee and I went on a break for almost a year. Cue the sad orchestral music.

Then some time this year, I got brave again and ventured back into the world of coffee via cold brew concentrates after remembering that the coffee at my mom’s house never bothered my stomach and there was no turning back. The taste seemed cleaner, and I was able to put a few tablespoons in a mug of heated water and still have hot coffee. My mom has a nifty system called a Toddy that she uses to make her concentrate, so I began pricing one of my own. During my research, I discovered that several people were making theirs without any special equipment other than their french presses, so I attempted my first batch and was really pleased with the results.

Here’s how I made it:


I measured out one cup of coffee beans, ground them on a coarse setting, and put them in the bottom of my french press. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, you can ask your barista or grocery store to do this for you when you select the bean or blend you want to use.


I measured out 3 cups of cold, filtered water and poured it into the press, then put the lid on with the plunger drawn.


Then, I put the whole thing in the fridge and went to bed. Set it and forget it!

In the morning, after about 10-12 hours of chilling, I pushed the plunger down and slowly poured the contents into an empty mason jar. Sometimes there’s a little extra left in the press, so I use it right away and put the lid on the rest and store it in the fridge.

Easy peasy, french press squeezy!

You can play around with the grounds to water ratio or leave the concentrate to sit for a fill 24 hours if you wish, but I’ve always preferred my coffee a little on the weak side and this really works for me. Most of the time I just heat some water in my mug and add around 3-5 tablespoons until the color looks right to my eye, but I’ve also added it to my smoothies and used it with a couple of drops of flavored stevia drops, some coconut or almond milk and plenty of ice cubes for a healthy take on iced coffee. C’est si bon!


I want to hear from you! Have you ever made your own cold brew coffee? Did you try this recipe and use it to make something delicious that you want to share? Leave a comment below!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Announcement Time: I’m an All Star Health Affiliate!

img_9787     I got some pretty cool news this week and I’m excited to share it with you! I’ve been getting my multivitamin and other supplements from All Star Health for the past couple of years because they have the best prices on so many of the things I love and use. Hey, gal on a budget here! Gotta save that cash for school and art supplies! So, I did a little exploring while I placed my last order and noticed they had an affiliate program, and after I did a little happy dance, I signed up! I’ve been so pleased with everything I’ve ordered from them, and now I get to pass along exclusive discount codes from time to time and share great deals with you here on my page and on social media! It’s a truly fantastic opportunity for me as well, because any time you use a link or click on one of the nifty banner ads in the sidebar on the right to place an order with All Star Health, I earn a small thank-you commission that allows me to keep the blog going. For something I enjoy passing along to everyone I talk supplements with, it’s a something I’m really grateful for.

They don’t just have supplements for people. I order a pet omega for Harrison from Nordic Naturals that makes breakfast time pretty joyful around here. He hears me take a capsule out of the bottle and comes running into the room to wait while I put them on his food. I swear this dog smiles when he knows he’s getting his fish oil! They also offer sports and exercise equipment like yoga mats and balance balls, healthy snacks and kitchen staples, and natural beauty and body care.  All orders get a flat $5.95 shipping, they will price match online competitors, and have lots of items on special and clearance that are worth taking the time to browse through. Here’s a great example: I found a box of 16 of my favorite flavor of Larabars for $12.40! I can’t get them anywhere in town for under a $1 a pop, and this deal makes them only $0.78 each. That’s the sort of thing a girl tells her friends about.

Check out my affiliate link to explore the site and let me know if I can offer any product recommendations. One of the things I’m most grateful for in the past 5 years is all of the great knowledge I’ve been able to accumulate when it comes to supplements  and cleaning up my beauty routine and I love helping people find a match that will help them accomplish their goals. Happy shopping and even better health!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Gratitude Review: September

rainbow-leaves     I love Fall, so I’m not about to pass up an opportunity to feel thankful for the cooler weather and changing leaves, but this month has been challenging. This was the month I lost my grandmother and the anniversary always comes with its share of bittersweetness, but I also learned Tuesday that one of my publishers for the magazine I write for had crossed over, as well. She and her partner and co-publisher gave me such a generous gift. Aside from making me a Contributing Editor of Health and Wellness, a title I wear with joy and with pride, they also gave me the opportunity to have my words read by so many and be a part of a beautiful community of kind, creative, wonderful people whom I get to call my Inner Child Magazine family. In that way, I do have so much to feel thankful for, and even though my heart is sad to have to say goodbye, I think we owe it to the people who show us love in this lifetime to be happy and grateful whenever possible. With that, I give you my September Gratitude Review…

This is not my car, of course, I'm just a little obsessed with old BMW 2002s at the moment.

This is not my car, of course, I’m just a little obsessed with old BMW 2002s at the moment.

For the second time in my driving life, I needed to call AAA. It sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for, but it was a positive experience from the moment I placed the phone call until the service driver left. I admit, when it comes to cars, I’m a little out of my depth, so it was a comfort to have kind, knowledgeable folks come to my assistance without losing a full day’s pay searching for a part in my price range and paying to tow my car to a mechanic.


Things at work changed in a BIG way. The changes have really lightened the mood in the office and the new energy in there has made it so much easier to go home and get back into a productive routine. I’m getting a lot more writing done, I’m working ahead on design projects through the end of the year and I’m working my way through my massive organization undertaking with a little more speed. There’s been another awesome side effect, but I’ll save that for my next little dose of gratitude, because it really deserves a mention of its own.

I bought my first set of watercolors!!!

I bought my first set of watercolors!!!

I started creating again, tenaciously. I’ve had some pretty great bursts of creativity here and there throughout the year, but after a friend reminded me to schedule time for creative pursuits, I’m no longer sitting around waiting for creativity to find me. Now I’m actively looking for inspiration and then doing something about it on a weekly basis. I’ve made jewelry, I’ve broken out the coloring books, and I’m watching watercolor tutorials and am dreaming up my next project. It’s not only changing the frequency with which I create, but it’s making the time I spend between projects so much more joyful and deliberate. Instead or just saving pins to a Pinterest board and muttering the word “someday”, I know what supplies I need to make it happen and what changes I want to make to the project to make it uniquely my own. As I’m doing this, I’m also finding notebooks with designs I’d sketched or notes I’d taken on projects I wanted to start and they are starting to take shape. It’s pretty exciting, considering how long some of them have been sitting there waiting for me. If you’re following Tejomaya Wellness on Instagram, I’ve started using the hashtag #CreativeFriday to keep myself accountable and to ditch the fear of putting my work out there. If we’re not following each other yet, you can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/tejomayawellness

How has September been treating you? Do you have any good news to share or any finished projects you want to show off? Leave a comment below so we can celebrate right along with you!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



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