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Month: January 2015

Shut up, Brain!


Today, I’m all about “doing it, anyway”, especially when my mind tries to tell me I can’t. I’ve been stopping at the point of resistance with my morning yoga asanas for the past week because that’s what you do. You honor the body at all times so you don’t injure yourself by over-extension or overexertion. Pushing is okay, because that’s how growth happens, but you must be sensible about it and listen to what your body is telling you. But what happens when it’s not your body doing the talking? (Did anyone else start singing “Physical” by Olivia Newton John, just now?)

After sleeping in yesterday and feeling guilty about choosing rest, (What was that crap about, right?), I aimed for holding my poses for an extra minute instead of stopping where I usually do. My reasoning was that if I racked up the extra minutes for a few days, it would be like I hadn’t missed my session at all. One minute felt totally reasonable and not at all scary. Then, something totally clicked. My body wasn’t the one responding to fear. My brain was.

I pushed myself a little further than I’d originally planned and discovered that there was this crazy freedom on the other side of that self-created plateau. When I completed my extra 60 seconds, I was actually able to extend each pose and pranayama for 2 more minutes before feeling my body actually tell me to stop. I know technically I built up to this over time, because my flexibility and lung power have improved by leaps and bounds over where I was when I began, but I wonder how long I thought I couldn’t tackle this, when underneath all of that mind-mess I was really killing it and not believing in my own actual strength enough to let it out. And, my goodness! What other feats of strength had I talked myself out of?

Logic is so, so good. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for logic! Please don’t take any this as me telling you not to give your mind equal say along with your heart or your intuition. While you’re being smart though, go ahead and ask yourself if your resistance to something is legit or if it’s fear based, like mine was. If it’s the latter, do it anyway and watch what happens. I now have an increased flow of energy and endorphins to show for it, and who knows what I might be able to apply this lesson to next time.

What could you gain by not letting fear talk you out of your goals and dreams? I want to hear from you. Let’s get real about fear and what it keeps you from achieving and how you’re overcoming that. Leave me a comment. Let’s encourage each other!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


When Life Hands You Lessons, Make Lesson-ade!

Ginger Lemon

For #tbt, I’m going to tell you a story from many Thursdays ago…
Once upon a time, I was friends with a girl who was a pretty gutsy pathological liar. This isn’t a woe is me tale, nor am I here to judge her path and I wish her no harm. What she does or how she copes with her lot in life is between her and her higher power. If she genuinely wanted help, I’d gladly offer my hand to her. That’s the great thing about soul work. All you have to do is take a step toward it and it rushes to meet you where you are.

I remember the day we met very clearly. Everyone was instantly smitten with her and I sat back with my first rumblings of intuition and said to myself, “Hmm. I do not believe a single word this woman says.” I really struggled with it, too. My inner voice was so clear, but everyone else’s outer voice was so loud.

Because I was hesitant to trust her, she worked extra hard to win me over. She became a champion for all of my causes, but championed the hardest for me, knowing I was miserable with my dead-end career path. Daily, she encouraged me to do things boldly and without fear, and convinced me that the stress I suffered at work was not the end of the story if I didn’t want it to be. She would even check in on me to see that I was getting resumes out there in the world. In a way, she was kind of my first Life Coach, so it’s either terribly ironic, or not ironic at all that I would eventually walk away with my own desire to inspire.

During the worst of it with her she’d tell some stories that sounded perfectly believable when she was telling them, but you’d repeat them to someone else and they’d just look at you like you were a naked emperor. Eventually her wild stories started causing me some trouble with the one man who has never lied to me, so I fell out of touch. I wasn’t asked to choose, it just took someone else’s eyes to see what my soul already had in the months prior. Once the jig was up, she moved on to her “new bestie” and despite the fact that I hope she didn’t cause that girl any grief, it was what was bestie, ya know?

People are going to come and go from your life. Some will do so by chance, others by choice. Most of the time it’ll either be great or it’ll just be. Some of it is going to feel bad, like kick-you-in-the-heart craptastic, but you know what? It pays to be grateful for those people, too. Though they leave destruction in their path, they usually teach us something we weren’t receiving the nice way. In my case, my former friend actually prepared me for what was coming. She gave me just enough confidence to set me firmly on the path that would lead me to pursue the dream that’s been lying dormant in my heart for almost 20 years. Many people have contributed to me getting to this place, but I cannot say that she didn’t help me get here. She also gave me just enough confidence to walk away from the buttload of drama that was kinda taking over my life while she was in it. After that, I did some serious soul searching and started to simplify which ultimately got me to the here and now.

This one might stir up some icky feelings, but I want to hear about your lessons learned. Who were your “teachers” and how did their teaching style make you into the star student you are today? Share your stories with me. Let’s do some healing!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


That’s My Jam!

relaxi-tunesI just turned in my yoga and meditation teaching certification exam about 30 minutes ago and was hit by a wave of emotion after I hit send. I won’t get my results back for up to a month. My teacher has students from all over the world, and is only able to grade these tests one time per month. Even with the possibility of not getting feedback for up to four weeks, I know in my heart that I can call myself “teacher”. I feel different now.

What does this mean for the practice?  Well, it means that once my doors are open, I will be able to offer my students a one-on-one environment to build the gentle yoga and meditation practice that is right for them. Something that speaks to their hearts and their goals in a safe place where someone who cares about their success is rooting for them.

It is time to move on to my next set of classes, and though I am ever the happy student when it comes to gaining new knowledge, I think for tonight I will bask in the afterglow.  This has been a very long time in the making and it is certainly worthy of celebration.  One of my favorite ways to celebrate a milestone in my life is to do so by discovering new music. I think it’s important to create a strong memory to associate with your proudest moments and I can think of no better way to insure the memory sticks than by setting it to music.

I want to know how you celebrate the important moments in your life.  Do you take photos? Do you go out for a celebratory meal? Do you buy yourself something special to commemorate your accomplishments? Share your favorite post-awesomeness ritual in the comments.  I want to party with you!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



clock 2It’s 2015, Ya’ll! (Occasionally, my inner Tammy Taylor comes out when I’m excited.) You know what time it is? Yep.  Resolution time!  Before you groan and jot down something you keep meaning to do, but never get around to, I have some advice that will help. This is going to sound radical, or even antithetical, but stay with me.  Skip it.  Yes, I’m telling you not to make a New Year’s Resolution.

Am I out of my freaking mind?! Depends on who you ask, but there’s a method to my madness here.  I don’t want you to make a resolution to keep all year because I want you to make one every day, instead. We put so much pressure on ourselves to lose weight, to save money, or spend more time with family that we doom ourselves to fail.  I’m not trying to sound like Debbie Downer here, but the odds are not ever in our favor when it comes to making a big change overnight. In fact, less than 10% of us will manage to keep our resolutions according to research.

I’m going to tell you how to buck the system, though. With a simple shift in your thinking, you can keep your resolution and create the lasting change to your waistline, budget or time with your loved ones.  Instead of making one large, insurmountable goal, I want you to make yourself a daily resolution. Normally I’m all about going big or going home, but in this case, I want you to break it down.  Break your goals down into bite-sized pieces that you can accomplish each day.

Start by getting yourself a planner or teaching yourself how to use the one that’s built into your phone or tablet. Then every night before you go to bed, I want you to make a date with yourself.  Think of this as paying yourself first.  Before you make your appointments with clients or schedule the kids for their dental appointments, make time for yourself to do one thing that will help you accomplish your goal in the long run. Maybe it’s making coffee with the french press instead of stopping to grab one on the way to work and putting that cash in a jar to take to the bank at the end of the week. It could be pushing yourself an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill. You might agree to stay and work a little longer on Wednesdays in order to leave early on Friday for Family Game Night.  Whatever your goal is, there are small changes you can make every day that will set you up for more success, instead of throwing yourself on the mercy of a huge goal that you’re unlikely to keep.

Am I going to be practicing what I preach? You bet your sweet bippy! I woke up a little earlier this week to get some more A.M. asanas worked into my yoga routine, and it payed off with extra energy I’ve needed to get through my shift at work. I am also looking for opportunities to say no to that extra cookie or walk an extra lap with the dog. The little stuff will add up and will definitely help me achieve the big goal overall. Plus, I’m pretty stoked to use my new planner.  I’ve decided to order the Desire Map 2015 Day Planner from Danielle LaPorte. I’m kind of a dork when it comes to office supplies, but when you combine organization with soul stuff, I get downright giddy. Want one? Get it here.

Steve G. Jones tells us “Success is not a single event that takes place, but rather it’s made up of many events unfolding slowly and steadily.” That’s exactly what I hope you take away from all of this.  You didn’t get that promotion all of a sudden.  You put in more time on projects or took that course to get the advantage over the other applicants. It transpired over time, and it took concentrated, daily effort to see it happen, didn’t it? This is that. This is exactly that. Make yourself a promise every day to do something small that will help your overall goal unfold and I promise you, you will be on the road to success!

I want to hear about your daily resolutions.  Leave me a comment.  Let’s be each others support system!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


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