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Month: May 2015

So, What is This Tejomaya Thing About, Anyway?

golden light I get asked all the time what Tejomaya means and why I’ve chosen it as the name of my blog and business, and now feels like the perfect time to tell its story. I like to think that words find you when you’re meant to discover them, and this one traveled almost 17 years to find me, so it was certainly no coincidence or mere happenstance. Knowing what I know now, I’d go so far as to say that nothing ever is.

At the beginning of my first semester break during my Freshman year of college, I discovered Aromatherapy. I’d decided to try my hand at making bath salts for my family for Christmas and 2 half ounce bottles of total bliss came into my life in the form of lavender and sweet orange essential oils. I made my recipes and gave my gifts, but spent every spare moment over the next few years learning every single thing I could about the practice. I poured over the history, the chemistry, the methods of delivery and extraction. I’d spend hours lost in every plant and in my own fantasies of opening a unique practice where I could share this knowledge with others. I gave speeches and eventually wrote my college thesis on Aromatherapy as a viable compliment to Western Psychology. The professors at my conservative, Christian college were not ready for it, to say the least, but the science was sound and my heart appeared on every typed page, even if no one saw the value in it but me.

After graduation, adulthood set in. I took retail and customer service jobs to keep my basics covered, but I hated every second of it and cried when my alarm went off. Not knowing how to tell people you’re a highly sensitive, intuitive introvert when you don’t even know there are words for that, makes it hard to respond to people telling you that you need to toughen up and accept your fate. Eventually, I did just accept that going to work every day was going to feel like this and turned to alcohol, emotional eating, and prescription drugs to attempt to fill the big, empty void. It’s soul crushing stuff when you’re a big-hearted, creative type. No wonder so many people battle with depression!

Then came the final series of crushing blows. In the period of one year, I lost both of my grandparents, my childhood dog and was laid off at work. I was grief-stricken, I was lost and I was mad as hell. To say that I spent my days in total darkness would be a massive understatement.

When I did eventually find work after several months of interviews and no offers, I ended up back in a call center. It was basically as bad as I feared. They actually told me during my annual review that I cared too much, which was infuriating and stressful. The stress of it made me sick, in fact. So sick, I was out of work for 6 months with a chronic illness that didn’t respond to medicine. My immune system was garbage and my doctors were all totally befuddled.

I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands, and began re-reading my Aromatherapy books out of sheer boredom. I bought some oils to pass the time and it lead me to herbs and nutrition, and every healing modality I could feast my eyes on. Slowly but surely, as I taught myself how to get better, the light I thought had gone out for good was rekindled. I left the call center job and began working in the wellness department of a local natural foods store and soaked up everything I could, adding more oil to my lamp.

Eventually, I sought Reiki and Craniosacral treatments for headaches after moving from a sales to a corporate position where I stare at a computer all day. This became a defining moment for me, because after my treatments were over, my practitioner offered to teach me the beautiful, healing art of Reiki. It had done so much more for me than just fix my headaches. It helped me heal, and put in perspective a lot of the hurt over the past several years. It helped me find purpose and meaning in my life by repairing my relationship with my Creator. It helped me get real about my fears and reasons for not pursuing my passions. Of course I wanted to learn it! My soul was crying out for it! I wanted to learn other things, too. That certification lead me to certify in meditation, in pranayama,  and in kundalini yoga. It lead me to ordain as a minister. It lead me to certify in life coaching and specialize in Stress Management. It ultimately gave birth to my vision, which started with a spark all those Christmases ago. A spark that hadn’t gone out, but just needed time to grow so it could fill my heart and my whole being with light.

Tejomaya, by the way, is a Sanskrit word that means full of light .

                                                           spring flowers

Dr. Maya Angelou once said “If you have, give. If you learn, teach.” Going from darkness to light was one helluva learning process! If I walked away from that and I didn’t try to give others hope and didn’t try to teach them how to restore light to their own lives, then I would have missed the lesson entirely. I’m grateful and humbled every day that I didn’t miss it. This thing that fills me to overflowing with joy, gets to be my life now. I’m not totally there, yet. I have a couple of kinks and an additional certification or two to iron out before it’s a perfect replica of my vision, but I’m gobsmacked seeing how far I’ve come.

As I make the transition from day job to dream job, I have a short-term and a long-term plan in place. I hope to begin offering some one-on-one coaching and healing services soon, both locally and online. I also plan to create some pretty neat tools and resources, lead some accountability groups and offer some fun freebies to help make your lives better. If there’s anything you need help with or would like to see me write about or teach, please let me know. Also, if you show up one day and see the website looking different, no worries! That’s just me chugging along, and spreading my special brand of love and sunshine. It’s all good!

Nothing would make me happier than to hear from you! Thanks for listening to my story and I hope you have the best week ever!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,

(And I mean that with my whole heart!)


Calling Ahead: It’s Not Just For Reservations

phones  Saturdays are the one day a week right now that my fella and I get to spend together. It’s also the one day a week that we indulge ourselves a little and order a takeout meal or eat at a restaurant so we don’t have to waste our precious time cooking and cleaning and just get to enjoy each others company. I say this with love, but eating with him can be a challenge because he’s a pretty picky guy. He loves cheeseburgers, but he doesn’t want any of the normal fixings on it. He’ll chow down on a burrito, but hold the sauce, please. Coffee is tops, but iced and not hot.

I appreciate a man who knows what he wants. He chose me after all, so I feel pretty special most of the time. I’ll tell you what does get to me about it though, and that’s when his carefully articulated order comes back all wrong. We totally get that mistakes happen. We both have worked in the customer service industry so we’re cool about it and try to roll with the punches, but unfortunately for him, it’s not always as easy as removing a slice of something and calling it good. Depending on what happens when we sit down to eat, sometimes it means not finishing his meal. It really bums him out, which bums me out by proxy. That is until I had a total “oh, duh” moment here recently, and now our Saturdays go pretty smoothly.

I listen to a lot of personal development stuff in the car because I’m a captive audience while I’m driving to work and gave a re-listen to The Secret audiobook. It’s a little more detailed than the regular book version, and there’s quite a lot of focus on an approach where you plan your day before it happens, visualizing your ideal outcomes and feeling them into reality. Then it hit me. This was the answer to our dining out problem.

I’ve termed it “calling ahead” and now while my guy is driving us to the restaurant or placing our order online, he asks me to work my juju. I simply quiet my mind for a moment and imagine our meal going smoothly, having all of its proper components, and then just feel the feelings of enjoying our time and since I’ve started doing this, we’ve had a decent success rate. I’ve taken to using it for other things too, like parking places, stressful projects at work and making sure the grocery store isn’t out of anything I need. When it hasn’t gone totally according to plan, it seems like the resulting outcome has been better than I’d imagined it. Its so simple and maybe even looks a little silly on paper, but if it works, who am I to question it, right? My sweetheart is happy and that’s what matters to me.

I want to hear from you. Is there anything in your life that could benefit from a little “calling ahead”? Are you already planning your days in advance and have any tips to share? Let’s compare notes and help each other have an awesome week!


Wishing You Total-Well Being,



Time to Celebrate!

sparkler-677774_1280  If you’re reading this, I’ve done it! I’m writing to you from the future! No, not really, but I am posting this on my own website.  It’s not nearly as impressive as time travel, but a long time coming for me, so I’m pretty excited about it. There’s still quite a bit I have to learn and it’s really just the first step of my long term plan, but it feels pretty good to check this off my list of goals for the year. Speaking of goals, I’m off to participate in a couple more webinars, but I just wanted to thank you all again for giving me a reason to write.   I appreciate each one of you and I hope the week ahead finds you all well, happy and living with ease.

Wishing You Total-Well Being,


Just Do It: Why Imperfect Action is Far From Imperfect

color run I spent some time last week participating in a webinar that offered tips for streamlining the time you spend running your business so you can devote more time to actually helping folks. I walked away from it with several ideas for getting stuff done while avoiding the pitfalls of procrastination. Yay! With two words though, she helped me realize something that has been holding me back for the past several months: Imperfect Action.

If we’ve been friends a while, I’m going to tell you something you probably already know. When it comes to anything that goes out into the world with my name on it, I’m a total perfectionist. While I believe it’s important for everyone to take pride in their work and do the best they can, when fear enters into the picture, it can prevent anything from going out into the world with your name on it.

So what is a fussy idealist to do? Suck it up, Buttercup. Do it, anyway! I know that’s hard to hear, I really do, but nobody will ever know your unique voice or your awesome talent if you’re stuck in the editing room. Action, any action, is far better than producing nothing at all.

Certainly the fear that you’ll blow your big break is a serious one. No one wants to see their dreams fail. The fastest way to ensure that, however, is never to start at all. There are definitely times when you’ll want to pursue perfection in your business, like providing top notch service for your customers and clients, but you can’t help anyone if you don’t trust yourself to take the first step. Some of those steps aren’t going to land. That’s just the nature of the beast, but the truth is, its imperfect action that leads you to success, while trying to be perfect just keeps you in a holding pattern that ultimately ensures your failure.

Let’s be real, it’s awful to need things to be perfect all the time. You kinda miss out on the greatness of life because you’re so wrapped up in the opinions of others, and let me tell you something. Most of them are so wrapped up in their own lives, any passing thought they might toss your way is exactly that, a passing thought.

I’m going to be honest with you about some of the excuses I’ve made to keep me from having my hard work seen by a wider audience. I’ve used everything from “I don’t have all the certifications in place to launch my vision.” to “My day job is getting in the way of the time I need to devote to this.” You name it, I’ve thought it and moreover, I’ve let it hold me back from something that might actually create more time for me, by allowing me to work fewer hours and get the experience I need to make my dream a reality. My goal for this month is to get my website up and running. It is going to be hard work? Yes. Is it going to be perfect. No, and you know what, that is perfectly okay with me.

I want to hear from you. What reasons do you have for not taking action in your own life or business? What have you thought about endlessly, but not acted on? Let’s get a dialogue flowing and help each other take some action this week, however imperfect it may be.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Fitness Coaching: Sign Me Up!

yoga classApril was an interesting month for me. I concluded a 30 Day juice fast, I got my adult on and crossed a bunch of boring, but necessary To Do’s off of my list and I joined a fitness accountability group. Those of you that know me well are re-reading that sentence to be sure it didn’t say Netflix accountability group, but your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I did it on purpose, and what’s more, I LOVED it!

Let me tell you something about me. Though I do enjoy some forms of yoga (Kundalini, FTW!) I avoided traditional exercise like it was the mall at Christmas. I’ve always been a sucker for a great before and after photo, though. Go figure!

Enter the coach who invited me to join her workout group. I’d just come off of a fitness infomercial full of inspiring stories of folks who had over a hundred pounds to lose and something resonated with me that wouldn’t go away. Yeah, yeah. I know the results aren’t typical, but I also know that I typically start a program, give up when it gets hard, and return to my well-worn spot on the couch, comfortable in my discomfort, so take what you will from that. Anyhow, from time to time I’ll ‘like’ a fellow coach on Facebook that’s got a good social media presence and watch for good ideas and this one happened to be a Fitness Coach. She reached out to me a few days later and we had a nice conversation about our businesses and she extended an invitation to check out a group sometime. I thanked her and sort of thought that’d be it. Yay for networking and new Facebook friends, but working out regularly? That felt like it might interfere with my delicate school-work-TV balance. Then my soul did its best Nelson Muntz laugh and made me do it anyway.

For two weeks I got to see what I was made of. We checked in nightly, encouraged each other when we came up short and congratulated each other when we pushed through and succeeded. We shared recipes, talked about our lives and it wasn’t scary at all. I kept my promises easily because I didn’t want to let down my girls and I grew to look forward to my daily routine. I got stronger and lost noticeable inches, too. Yeah, in two weeks! The best thing to come out of the two weeks I worked with a Fitness Coach, though? Realizing my own desire to help people like me, who are struggling to find the motivation to get healthy and lose the excess weight that’s holding them back.

I’m excited to start hosting my own fitness groups soon and I will certainly let you all know when that becomes a reality. I’m also excited to continue my own journey. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but because I have all the proper tools in place and a group of awesome folks cheering me on, I know I’ll get there sooner than I thought possible.

I want to hear from you. Have you set weight loss or fitness goals for yourself that you are proud to have achieved? What made you successful? Are you struggling to get where you’re headed and looking for some motivation to keep going? Let’s share our stories and lift some spirits!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


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