yoga classApril was an interesting month for me. I concluded a 30 Day juice fast, I got my adult on and crossed a bunch of boring, but necessary To Do’s off of my list and I joined a fitness accountability group. Those of you that know me well are re-reading that sentence to be sure it didn’t say Netflix accountability group, but your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I did it on purpose, and what’s more, I LOVED it!

Let me tell you something about me. Though I do enjoy some forms of yoga (Kundalini, FTW!) I avoided traditional exercise like it was the mall at Christmas. I’ve always been a sucker for a great before and after photo, though. Go figure!

Enter the coach who invited me to join her workout group. I’d just come off of a fitness infomercial full of inspiring stories of folks who had over a hundred pounds to lose and something resonated with me that wouldn’t go away. Yeah, yeah. I know the results aren’t typical, but I also know that I typically start a program, give up when it gets hard, and return to my well-worn spot on the couch, comfortable in my discomfort, so take what you will from that. Anyhow, from time to time I’ll ‘like’ a fellow coach on Facebook that’s got a good social media presence and watch for good ideas and this one happened to be a Fitness Coach. She reached out to me a few days later and we had a nice conversation about our businesses and she extended an invitation to check out a group sometime. I thanked her and sort of thought that’d be it. Yay for networking and new Facebook friends, but working out regularly? That felt like it might interfere with my delicate school-work-TV balance. Then my soul did its best Nelson Muntz laugh and made me do it anyway.

For two weeks I got to see what I was made of. We checked in nightly, encouraged each other when we came up short and congratulated each other when we pushed through and succeeded. We shared recipes, talked about our lives and it wasn’t scary at all. I kept my promises easily because I didn’t want to let down my girls and I grew to look forward to my daily routine. I got stronger and lost noticeable inches, too. Yeah, in two weeks! The best thing to come out of the two weeks I worked with a Fitness Coach, though? Realizing my own desire to help people like me, who are struggling to find the motivation to get healthy and lose the excess weight that’s holding them back.

I’m excited to start hosting my own fitness groups soon and I will certainly let you all know when that becomes a reality. I’m also excited to continue my own journey. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but because I have all the proper tools in place and a group of awesome folks cheering me on, I know I’ll get there sooner than I thought possible.

I want to hear from you. Have you set weight loss or fitness goals for yourself that you are proud to have achieved? What made you successful? Are you struggling to get where you’re headed and looking for some motivation to keep going? Let’s share our stories and lift some spirits!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,