phones  Saturdays are the one day a week right now that my fella and I get to spend together. It’s also the one day a week that we indulge ourselves a little and order a takeout meal or eat at a restaurant so we don’t have to waste our precious time cooking and cleaning and just get to enjoy each others company. I say this with love, but eating with him can be a challenge because he’s a pretty picky guy. He loves cheeseburgers, but he doesn’t want any of the normal fixings on it. He’ll chow down on a burrito, but hold the sauce, please. Coffee is tops, but iced and not hot.

I appreciate a man who knows what he wants. He chose me after all, so I feel pretty special most of the time. I’ll tell you what does get to me about it though, and that’s when his carefully articulated order comes back all wrong. We totally get that mistakes happen. We both have worked in the customer service industry so we’re cool about it and try to roll with the punches, but unfortunately for him, it’s not always as easy as removing a slice of something and calling it good. Depending on what happens when we sit down to eat, sometimes it means not finishing his meal. It really bums him out, which bums me out by proxy. That is until I had a total “oh, duh” moment here recently, and now our Saturdays go pretty smoothly.

I listen to a lot of personal development stuff in the car because I’m a captive audience while I’m driving to work and gave a re-listen to The Secret audiobook. It’s a little more detailed than the regular book version, and there’s quite a lot of focus on an approach where you plan your day before it happens, visualizing your ideal outcomes and feeling them into reality. Then it hit me. This was the answer to our dining out problem.

I’ve termed it “calling ahead” and now while my guy is driving us to the restaurant or placing our order online, he asks me to work my juju. I simply quiet my mind for a moment and imagine our meal going smoothly, having all of its proper components, and then just feel the feelings of enjoying our time and since I’ve started doing this, we’ve had a decent success rate. I’ve taken to using it for other things too, like parking places, stressful projects at work and making sure the grocery store isn’t out of anything I need. When it hasn’t gone totally according to plan, it seems like the resulting outcome has been better than I’d imagined it. Its so simple and maybe even looks a little silly on paper, but if it works, who am I to question it, right? My sweetheart is happy and that’s what matters to me.

I want to hear from you. Is there anything in your life that could benefit from a little “calling ahead”? Are you already planning your days in advance and have any tips to share? Let’s compare notes and help each other have an awesome week!


Wishing You Total-Well Being,