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Month: October 2015

Gratitude Review: October

Goodness, Guys! How did it get to be October so quickly? Better question, how did it get to be the end of October so quickly? Deep breath! Time to savor what’s left of it, yeah? Think I’ll spend the rest of the day sipping cider on my balcony and getting some much needed nature therapy!  Before I do that though, I want to share with you the things I fell in love with this month that made my heart happy.  Ready to read up?  Here ya go!  


I’m a scrub junkie. I was there when Origins launched their first one, and I’ve sampled as many as I can ever since.  I’ve never tried making my own until now, though. First of all, my itchy Fall skin loves coconut oil! Second, this recipe begs for an awesome autumn essential oil blend. (Check out last week’s post for some ideas.  I made mine in Fall Leaves!) Third, Epsom salts are magic, Ya’ll. I feel awful for turning my nose up at them for so many years. They are muscle melty, sleep sweetly goodness. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, this is a cheap but luxurious treat. Make one for you and one for someone you love!

Treat others theway you want tobe treated.

Leonie Dawson is a mystical momma mermaid with with a heart as rare as a unicorn. I love her and her special brand of wisdom, empowerment and love. This post went up in July, but it is so spot on about what happens when big-hearted people put themselves out there on the internet and we end up getting hurt by those who don’t see or share our vision. It’s too easy to have an opinion about things these days, and daily I witness folks speaking or typing words that would have been better kept behind zipped lips. Her experience is tough to read about, but if you’re of tender heart it just might help you heal some of your lingering wounds. Her insights are refreshing and it’s a great reminder that people are watching so we should remain in integrity in all things, not just the ones where we have to show our face! I needed this, and I hope it helps you, too!


I want a backyard so I can have a kickass garden!  While I’m working on manifesting that though, this article about veggies you can regrow from scraps is helping me get by. I use the green onion trick all the time, plus the money I save being able to get 2-3 uses out of my organic produce is happy stuff. It forces me to try new recipes so I’m not wasting my re-gotten gains. I’ve made omelets, tabouli and salsa and garnish for tostadas all from the same stalks. Yay wallet, yay tummy!

It wouldn’t be an October post without mentioning Halloween! It’s come as you aren’t, or more accurately, it’s an opportunity to come as you wish. I’m one of those people who never really outgrew playing dress-up and I love to go big with my costumes! This year I have a good one, so I might even have to enter some contests, but even if I just hand out candy and watch Buffy re-runs, it’s still fun to play pretend and spend an evening in someone else’s shoes. Who are you dressing up as this year?

Hope you’re still having an amazing October.  There’s lots to feel grateful for. Share some of yours below!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Follow Your Nose: Fall Aroma Blends

leaves     The scents of Fall are my favorite. My snuggly little, chimenea-loving heart can hardly handle it! It’s such a great time to open up those windows and air out the stored up stale energy from Summer. Wanna take it a step further and fragrance your home, but without the chemicals in those commercial air fresheners? Aromatherapy to the rescue! Here are a few of my favorite blends for the fall:


Citrus Spice Blend:

3-5 drops of orange

2 drops of cinnamon

1 drop of clove


Cozy Chai Blend:

2 drops of cinnamon

3 drops of nutmeg

2 drops of ginger

1 drop of clove


Fall Leaves Blend:

3-5 drops orange

1 drop ginger

1 drop patchouli


Nature Walk Blend:

3-5 drops pine

2 drops white fir

1 drop sandalwood or cedarwood

Diffuse these using your favorite method, or even add them to a small amount of your favorite unscented lotion or carrier oil and wear as a fragrance. Every one of these smells fantastic as an accompaniment to a roaring fire! Enjoy and let me know which ones are your favorites!


Wishing You Total Well-Being (and a house that smells freaking fantastic!),



Paying it Forward: Serving Those in the Service Industry

cafe     A few months back, I made it to my two year anniversary at my current day job. Truth be told, it was a little depressing for me because this will be the second year in a row that no one acknowledged that I even work there. It’s true that I’m only here to supplement my income and fund my educational endeavors while I build my practice, but really, guys? Not even a generic thank you email?

It felt crummy. What’s more is, I checked in with a few friends to see what they’d experienced, and this seems to be the norm. That bummed me out even more.

It got me thinking about the other jobs I’ve held in my lifetime, and how most of them were service related, even if I wasn’t dealing with customers directly. The service industry is rough, especially for soft-hearted, creative types. If you manage to escape without letting it crush the light out of you, you’re one of the lucky ones. Add a difficult boss or an irate customer into the mix, and it can be pure and total Hell just making yourself get out of bed in the morning. Take it from someone who has done a fair amount of crying at her desk, in the restroom or in the car. It’s a damn jungle out there!

Because of this, I’ve always made it a point to write up nice reviews or speak to managers whenever I see someone who cares doing a good job. You never know what someone is going through, and taking a few minutes to recognize them for something they’ve done to make your life easier could lighten their burden a little, too.


Here is your challenge, if you’re up for it: Make it a point this week to notice when someone is good at their job and find a way to brag on them in whatever way feels most appropriate. Bosses, if you have people working underneath you, do something special for each one of your employees this week out of your own pocket and heart. You couldn’t do what you do without them. Don’t forget that.

Making a person feel valued takes so little time compared to how long they will remember that you cared enough to show them.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you had a really awesome experience completing this challenge.  The beauty of doing things like this is that you get to hang on to a bit of the good feelings you’re putting out there into the world. Enjoy!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Fall in Love with Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds     Hey there, awesome readers! Since it’s October, and I know a lot of you will be buying pumpkins for decorating and recipes this month, I wanted to share the article I wrote for Inner Child Magazine with you this month.  You may just discover your new favorite autumn snack as a result!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,





When you’re carving Jack-o-lanterns this month, do yourself a big favor and hold on to the seeds. Pumpkin seeds, or Pepitas as they are also known, are a nutrient powerhouse and have a host of awesome benefits. Below are a few big reasons to get more of this little seed in your diet.

Prostate and Postmenopausal Health –  Send the kids out trick-or-treating. This snack is tops for adults! Pumpkin seeds are wonderful for both men and women. Because they are high in zinc, research supports the use of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed extract to maintain proper prostate health. Pumpkin seed oil contains high levels of naturally occurring phytoestrogens which may help soothe hot flashes in menopausal and postmenopausal women, and in cases of low progesterone or estrogen dominant hormonal imbalances. Eat up!


Sleep – You know the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy? It’s called L-Tryptophan and its in pumpkin seeds, too. This amino acid works because your body turns it into serotonin, then turns that serotonin into melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that signals  to your brain that it’s time for sleep. Wanna catch a few more zzz’s? Snack on pumpkin seeds a few hours before bed and snuggle up with your favorite book, partner or pet. Sweet dreams!


Plant Based Omega-3’s – In raw form, pumpkin seeds are a fabulous source of ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid. This type of omega is purported to help with high blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent heart disease and have benefits for the skin. s the hormone that signals  to your brain that it’s time for sleep. Wanna catch a few more zzz’s? Snack on pumpkin seeds a few hours before bed and snuggle up with your favorite book, partner or pet. Sweet dreams!

How should you eat them? Raw is best, but lightly roasted is okay, too. Choose a low heat setting, 150-170 degrees for about 15 minutes to keep the nutrients. If the seeds aren’t for you, ask your doctor and supplements store about adding pumpkin seeds to your diet in capsule or extract form so you don’t miss the benefits! Happy Halloween!




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