love note     This week I put up a post on my personal Facebook page about choosing my Word of the Year. It’s the first time I’ve done this,  as I’m a recovering resolution-ist. Last year I participated in the Desire Mapping process to declare some Core Desired Feelings to pursue, but having a theme for the year never felt relevant or important to me until this year. Holy cow, did ever feel critical for 2016!

I took one of those goofy, but fun quizzes that was circulating in my Facebook feed. I’d seen several of my more soulful friends posting their word and thought, “Shoot, what do I have to lose?” Ohmyfreakinggoodness, did I LOVE my result! My soul went zing! Not kidding, it fit me like the perfect little black dress. My word? Love.


Love is such a wonderful way to describe what I had planned when I made my 2016 To Do list. First, it will remind me to see love in what surrounds me. It’s a gentle nudge to actively see love in all of the living things in my life, in all of the people I interact with daily, in my pets, in nature. It’s a reminder to see love in the little things that make up my day, but usually go unnoticed. Things like my morning drive, that first cup of tea, or that great song on that new playlist I’ve discovered. It also reminds me to be love. It’s a sweet little invitation to give love to all of the living things in my life, too . To spend a little longer rubbing the dog’s belly, to stay on the phone with my bestie just a little longer, to offer up some extra attention to my plants. It’s a call to be loving to the planet in action and in thought, by recycling, cleaning up litter and sending up love and light to the world daily. It’s a reminder to spread love to the situations that don’t go as planned, because they are opportunities to learn something. It’s also a call to practice self-love by crossing awesome things off of my dream list, like finishing aromatherapy school, spiff up my home and wardrobe, and get out there in the world and travel! It means showing myself loving kindness by making it a point to participate in personal development and creative projects daily and to launch and grow my practice.

It isn’t too late to think of a word for your year and I’d absolutely love to hear about yours and what lead you to it! There’s power in declaration, so let’s lovingly support each other this year. Leave your word in the comments below, and if you can’t think of one tell me about some of the things you want to accomplish this year and maybe I can help! Hope your new year is absolutely lovely!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,