DOJ PACKAGE     Hi there, Darling Hearts! Hope your Sunday is treating you well. I had the pleasure of sampling a really cool product recently and I want to tell you all about it. The awesome folks at Drops of Joy Jewelry were kind enough to send me a beautiful diffuser necklace to sample and I’m smitten. As an aromatherapy aficionado, diffuser jewelry has been on my radar for a while, but having worn mine for a couple of days now, my only regret is that it took me so long to try it.

Drops of Joy Jewelry is a husband and wife team who create beautiful, unique jewelry that look and smell fantastic, thanks to their ability to diffuse the essential oils or blends of your choosing. Aside from having a really fun product to put out there in the world, they are also giving back by donating a portion of each purchase to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Doing something you love and helping others at the same time is kinda what it’s all about, right?

My package arrived on the first day of my vacation which was perfect timing! When I opened it I was immediately taken by the adorable wrapping. Little things like this always make the whole experience feel special!


Inside were the locket-style necklace (mine has a super-cute flower design on it), three small leather disks for adding the oil, and a set of instructions explaining how to use it. I took the necklace out of the package and noticed right away how well made it was. The locket is sturdy and quite solid, and the chain is very high quality.


I opened the locket, added 2 drops of my favorite lavender oil to one of the leather discs, placed it inside the locket and snapped it closed. Then I placed it around my neck and pretty much fell in love. I’m wearing it as I’m writing this and the lovely scent of lavender is wafting up under my nose and the leather disc is on its third day without any refreshing. Drops of Joy, indeed!


I love wearing essential oils as personal fragrance, but this really takes it to another level. I absolutely love the benefits I get from applying essential oils to the skin in perfumes I’ve blended or in skincare products, but the scent does sometimes evaporate a little sooner than I’d like. Wearing the necklace allowed me to smell the fragrance of my choice all day and I really appreciated that it was still there when I took it off to go to bed.


After checking out the website, I have a list of other items I can’t wait to try! There were some gorgeous beaded earrings, antique bronze necklaces, and lava stone bracelets that I plan to add to my collection soon. If you’re looking for something really special to give as a gift or to treat yourself, I whole-heartedly recommend you visit their website and do a little shopping! You’re sure to find something really special.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,




P.S. If you do take the leap and buy a beautiful piece from Drops of Joy Jewelry, post a photo of your selection below! I want to see what you picked out.


Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for review, but all of the opinions are mine.