tulip-1271715_1920     Happy Sunday, Sweet Readers! How has your April been? Mine has been mostly fantastic and I’m ready to share some of the brightest spots in this month’s Gratitude Review! The weather has been so gorgeous that I want you to promise me you’ll get outside today after you read this, deal? Okay, let’s get to gratefulness!

I say mostly fantastic because honestly, my heart is still very broken and raw from the news of Prince’s passing on Thursday. His metamorphic music served as soundtrack for so many of my own transformations, that I always felt an affinity for him that I have tried and failed many times over to explain in the past few days since he’s been gone. I am forever grateful for the ways his music, and him boldly being exactly who he was, helped me to understand myself. That’s the kind of gift you can never repay.


I’m still loving my Drops of Joy Jewelry diffuser necklace. I’ve worn it as often as I’ve had a chance. It smells great and looks pretty darn cute, too. It’s wonderful to have a pretty little boost of happy around my neck whenever I need it.


I stocked up on supplies for several fun tutorials that I can’t wait to get started on. Whenever a Mountain Rose Herbs box arrives, I know there’s awesomeness inside! I cannot wait to get busy making stuff and shooting my photos for these DIYs! This kind of work really makes my heart happy.


I bought a new camera recently, and while I’m still getting to know it, I absolutely love the feeling of being behind the lens. It’s so relaxing and brings me so much joy. I’ve tried to pick it up and get a few photographs every day, and I’ve been really good about sticking to that. If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, you’re probably seeing evidence of that! I’m so thankful for taking the leap and doing this for myself.


I want to hear from you! What’s made you really happy this month? Are your flowers blooming? Did you book a great vacation? Are you working on a creative project that’s making your heart sing? Tell me all about it in the comments below! I want to help you celebrate the joyful moments! I’m also here if you want to share your memories about Prince. I know he touched a lot of lives, and I’d love to hear about how he changed yours. Much love to you, Darling Hearts.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,