diy     I love coffee, but something changed over the past couple of years that makes it hard for me to drink at times. Depending on the acidity of the brew, I just can’t stomach it. I was discussing it with a friend of mine and she recommended getting a french press because it might cut down on some of the acid. I’d been meaning to invest in one so I could make loose leaf tea in larger quantities, so for Christmas last year, my generous fella bought me one for a gift. It did seem to help some, but I was still having some acid upset, so coffee and I went on a break for almost a year. Cue the sad orchestral music.

Then some time this year, I got brave again and ventured back into the world of coffee via cold brew concentrates after remembering that the coffee at my mom’s house never bothered my stomach and there was no turning back. The taste seemed cleaner, and I was able to put a few tablespoons in a mug of heated water and still have hot coffee. My mom has a nifty system called a Toddy that she uses to make her concentrate, so I began pricing one of my own. During my research, I discovered that several people were making theirs without any special equipment other than their french presses, so I attempted my first batch and was really pleased with the results.

Here’s how I made it:


I measured out one cup of coffee beans, ground them on a coarse setting, and put them in the bottom of my french press. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, you can ask your barista or grocery store to do this for you when you select the bean or blend you want to use.


I measured out 3 cups of cold, filtered water and poured it into the press, then put the lid on with the plunger drawn.


Then, I put the whole thing in the fridge and went to bed. Set it and forget it!

In the morning, after about 10-12 hours of chilling, I pushed the plunger down and slowly poured the contents into an empty mason jar. Sometimes there’s a little extra left in the press, so I use it right away and put the lid on the rest and store it in the fridge.

Easy peasy, french press squeezy!

You can play around with the grounds to water ratio or leave the concentrate to sit for a fill 24 hours if you wish, but I’ve always preferred my coffee a little on the weak side and this really works for me. Most of the time I just heat some water in my mug and add around 3-5 tablespoons until the color looks right to my eye, but I’ve also added it to my smoothies and used it with a couple of drops of flavored stevia drops, some coconut or almond milk and plenty of ice cubes for a healthy take on iced coffee. C’est si bon!


I want to hear from you! Have you ever made your own cold brew coffee? Did you try this recipe and use it to make something delicious that you want to share? Leave a comment below!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,