gratitude-review_     Sheesh, is it really the end of October, already? This is easily one of my favorite months, and it seems like it only started last week. Thank goodness there’s still Halloween, right? While I love the magic of Christmas and the warm fuzzies of Thanksgiving, Halloween has always been my favorite. Dress-up was a thing I never outgrew, and when I became a make-up artist in my twenties, my love only grew deeper. In fact, my brushes are calling. Once I get this posted, I may just spend the rest of the day playing and planning next year’s costume. I don’t take enough time to do this, so I’m being thankful in advance.


It sounds a little phoned in, but this month I’ve also been thankful for thankfulness, or at least the opportunity to feel thankfulness for the great things in my life. Tuesday is the start of my November Gratitude Photo Challenge, and I’m looking so forward to it.  So much of this year has been challenging, painful, and tense.  If ever there was a time where I need to stop dwelling on the negative and experience gratitude in my life, to take stock in all of the things around me that fill me with joy, peace, and love, that time is now. I really don’t think it’s too late to end this year on a positive note and that’s exactly what I hope to accomplish in doing this. I hope you’ll join me. Gratitude is always better when it’s shared.


I’m still making good on my promise to make time for creative pursuits each Friday with #CreativeFriday, and it’s starting to seep over into the other days of the week as well. It’s been so great to come home from the stress of work and get my hands on my paintbrushes or plan out and get going on a new jewelry design for a few hours before heading to bed. I end the day feeling like the frustration has totally left me and like I’ve really accomplished something that I can be proud of. I share photos of my projects on my Instagram, and on my personal Facebook page and it’s really been great to see positive feedback from friends and followers, too. The best benefit has been follow-through. Because I’m holding myself accountable to get something out each week, I’m not leaving half-finished projects in a corner where they are collecting dust. I’m actually seeing them through to completion and have been able to wear, display, and use my work as a great bonus for not abandoning the process before it gets done. I mean, who isn’t grateful for unique pieces they made themselves?

How has October been going for you? Do you have a killer Halloween costume that you want to show us? Did you get any great photos of the leaves changing that you need to share with the world? What Fall recipes are your favorites right now? I want to celebrate all of the things that made you thankful this month! Leave your comments and photos below and let’s keep the happiness happening!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,