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Month: February 2017

Tea Time: Tasty Ways to Improve Your Health

tee-1252000_1920     Hey There, Well-Beings!

There’s a chill in the air again after a week’s worth of spring-like days, and when that happens it sometimes brings with it a cold, flu or infection. There’s plenty of preventative measures we can take to keep healthy, but one of the easiest ways we can give ourselves a fighting chance is by drinking a cup or two of tea each day. There are about as many benefits from consuming tea as there are varieties to choose from, but once you know some basics about this beverage favorite, it’s easy to add it to your daily routine and target it for better health.

Black Tea – Easily the most common type of tea, black teas have been consumed for more than 500 years. They are known for their high concentration of antioxidants which may lower cholesterol ,and studies have shown that drinking multiple cups of black tea each day may lower the risk of stroke by more than 20% and may also help keep dementia at bay. They are naturally caffeinated though, so if caffeine is an issue for you, look for decaffeinated varieties.


Green Tea – Another antioxidant powerhouse, green tea is another widely popular tea that’s great for keeping your health up. In fact, the majorly potent EECGs in green teas have shown promise in preventing heart disease and certain types of cancer. It has a lighter and more delicate flavor than black tea, but does still contain natural caffeine. Don’t worry if you’re sensitive to it. There are decaffeinated green teas, as well.


Red Tea – Red tea, also known as Rooibos, is uniquely high in minerals. It’s been lauded for its ability to improve skin, circulation and aid in digestion. It’s great tea to choose to improve immunity, and it’s caffeine free, so it’s a great choice for bedtime or if you have caffeine sensitivities.

Herbal Tea – Herbal teas come in so many varieties, you can find one for almost anything that ails you. There’s elderberry for your immune system, peppermint and ginger for stomach concerns, chamomile to calm you and lemon balm to lift your spirits, and that’s just to name a few. Herbal teas are typically free of caffeine, but some are best not to consume at night, as they can still keep you up past your bedtime.


As you can see, teas are a simple way to boost your health and longevity. While most will only improve your health, talk to your doctor about using teas and steeped herbs if you are taking medicines and other supplements, as it’s possible they may not play well together. Once you have the go ahead, fill the kettle and warm up with a delicious mug of whatever your heart desires. It’s always a good time for tea!

P.S.  If you’re looking for a recommendation on where to find a great selection of high quality, organic teas at a good value for your money, I give the Tejomaya Wellness stamp of approval to Mountain Rose Herbs. If you’d be so kind as to use this affiliate link when you treat yourself to something sippable, I will receive a small token of gratitude from the company, which will help me keep the blog going.  I’ll be sure to raise my teacup to you, as well. <3


I Hope They Have Canoes in Heaven

paddling-1081679_1920     It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon and while that’s normally something I’m glad about, this Sunday the silence has a noticeable heaviness. It wouldn’t have been uncommon for me to hear the sounds of my neighbor hammering away on a project, revving motorcycle or muscle car engine , or the zooming takeoff of an RC plane on a day like today. The weather is unseasonably warm, and the sun is shining and he didn’t miss days like today. It also wouldn’t have been uncommon to exchange words with my neighbor about his latest adventure or for him to kindly offer my skittish terrier a wide berth in the courtyard, so the dog could feel safe.

I came home from work on Friday and there were a lot of people at his apartment. This wasn’t strange. He often put up friends and family, especially when there were roping competitions or rodeos in town. They appeared to be helping him move, which also wasn’t strange. He faked me out a few years back when he got some new furniture, but not only did he stay, but he brought a set of canoes back with him that he hung on his balcony. Saturday those canoes and the rest of his belongings were put in the back of trucks and carted off, and I realized it had been a couple of weeks since I’d seen him. His friends stuck around until the apartment was empty and then swapped stories with his mom on the front porch. They laughed together and talked about him and I realized I’d seen this kind of bittersweet remembering several years ago when we said goodbye to my uncle and my grandparents. They weren’t helping him move. They were looking after her. He wasn’t leaving. He was already gone.


The last time I saw him, he was coming out of his apartment and I was outside with Harry, who hadn’t seen him yet. He smiled at me, waved and goose stepped back behind his door so he wouldn’t scare the dog while we headed inside. It was an exchange that told you a lot about who he was; a kind young man, more concerned about my little buddy’s comfort than his schedule. That’s how I remember him and what I will miss so much about having him next door. It only feels appropriate that I honor his memory by spending the rest of this gorgeous day outside. Paddle on, my friend. May the water carry you home.

Treat Yo Self: Ivory Clasp Subscription

TreatYoSelf_     Hey There, Well Beings!  It’s been a busy Sunday. My taxes are complete, my errands have been run, and while I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to watch the Super Bowl tonight, I wanted to share a cool experience I had with a new company. I have been singing the praises of self care and treating yourself every now and then for years , but I looked around and realized that it’s been a while since I shared a tangible example of how I’m living that lesson in my own life.  After doing a major closet purge last year of things that either didn’t fit or I just didn’t love, I found myself in want of a few things and after checking out my handbag situation, I decided I needed some help. I had an oversized orange tote that I love, but goes with very little and this happy little burst of pink I talked about here. What I didn’t have was a sturdy black bag, anything that was work appropriate, or anything more current than last year, so I decided to check out a handbag styling service and see if they could help me hip things up a little bit.

Enter Ivory Clasp, a subscription handbag service that showed up on my radar just as I started making a wish list of things I wanted. For just $45 a month, every other month, or each season, their stylists pick out an on trend bag that has a retail price tag of $100 or more and ship it to your door. I took a fun five minute style quiz and sent my awesome stylist a link to a Pinterest board of the types of bags I liked so she could get a feel for my taste and she responded quickly and was seriously so cool! We had a really nice conversation via email and I totally felt like a VIP, so I was feeling pretty happy about the experience before my shipment even left the warehouse. It made waiting for the box such a cool experience. It did so much to set my positive expectancy in motion. I just knew my bag was going to be amazing.

It got here earlier this week and I had to share it with you because I am one happy lady! I asked for classic, work appropriate, but still wearable with my casual go-to outfit (jeans and a cardigan), and I think my stylist completely nailed it! I’d indicated in my notes at the end of my style quiz that I was in desperate need of a black bag, and she really listened and came through big time. Plus, it’s vegan leather, so I’m thrilled. No precious, big-eyed cows were harmed in the making of my bag. Karma points and a cute bag! <3

Everything came wrapped so carefully. I love how much care went into protecting my new bag. They even included a hand signed note from the whole team! It’s touches like this that really made the experience special:


If that wasn’t enough, they included this cute, faux fur pom keychain and clip with my order <3:


Here are some shots of the front, back, and inside of the bag once I got it unwrapped:


InsideInside 2

I took my new bag to work and got so many compliments on it:

Untitled design

Did I mention that I used a coupon code, so I ended up paying less than $45 for a bag that costs $138 full retail? Not too shabby, eh? :


Speaking of coupon codes, if you are as excited as I am about handbags and want to check out this awesome subscription service as a treat yo self, you can use the special code RENDERIC at checkout, Ivory Clasp will give you 20% off of your first handbag. Enjoy! If you decide to try out Ivory Clasp, send me a photo of your bag in the comments. I want to see what you got!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,


P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, just something fun I spent my own money on and thought you might enjoy reading about and checking out.


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