Hey There, Well-Beings!

All week, the signs have been pointing to today being a purposely designated rest day. On Tuesday, I started fighting a little bug that’s been traveling around the office and while doubling up on my probiotics helped a ton, I didn’t shake the malaise. If you’d offered me the choice between a donut and a nap, I’d have taken the nap every. single. time. I’ve also been feeling the urge to unplug from Facebook for a bit. I’m picking up the phone or tablet more often out of perceived boredom to “check in” and “see how everything is going” and setting it down feeling sad, pissed off, and helpless, and I know I’m not the latter. There’s always something I can do to help. Finally, I had a small flare up with my anxiety this week that I’ve linked back to me not using my creative outlets to release stress. Meditation and aromatherapy help me immensely, but if I’m not also creating, the flow stagnates and it manifests itself as exhaustion and a sort of clogging up of thoughts and feelings. It goes in, but it doesn’t come out.

So a little sleeping in, a little time outside (with the devices tucked away), and a little time spent making art are all on the plate for today. I hope that if you find you need to take the day off, you allow yourself the same love and care. You can’t feed others from an empty bowl.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,