Hey There, Well-Beings! 

After a success with my first meal, I was really excited to come home and get in the kitchen. Yay! Cooking is really a lot of fun when you no longer believe you’re terrible at it. I’m starting to feel like this experience is going to do more for me than just change the food I eat, and I’m a thousand percent okay with that. Food as therapy. Soul is nourished. I’m rambling. Back to the food! 

I was excited as I opened the bag on this one. I’d never used panko before, but I’ve seen it in a ton of Pinterest recipes and on restaurant menus, and I’ve been wanting to work with it for a while. The ingredients were very high quality. I’ve never seen potatoes so fresh. I think I’ll be a lot pickier with my produce from here on out. 

The prep was really easy, and because I had an oversized baking sheet, instead of using two as the recipe suggested, the clean up was super quick. Especially because I lined it with foil.  In fact, I did most of the clean up while waiting for the potatoes to roast and the chicken to bake. The pesto and panko-mozzarella made my kitchen smell heavenly while I washed dishes and the pup stayed close by, sniffing the air. 

Tasting time: My photos do not do this meal justice. This was soooo good! The chicken was juicy, the pesto panko coating gave it such delicious flavor. The potatoes were tasty and a good side choice and the salad with the simple olive oil and lemon juice dressing was very flavorful. I honestly might be done with traditional salad dressing. I know! What is happening?!?! 

5 out of 5 on this recipe. I am so pleased with this meal. I will definitely make it again. In fact, I’m thinking about skipping the catered lunch my job is generously offering us tomorrow so I can eat the leftovers instead. There’s no way it will be better than what I just made. 

Wishing You Total Well-Being,