Hey There Well-Beings,

It’s the end of our week of fabulous food, but I can’t properly wrap up my review unless I give you all the delicious details. To do that, I have to go back to the beginning to a week before I placed my first order. Don’t worry! I won’t meander and if you stick with me, I’ve got a surprise at the end!  Think of it as the dessert at the end of dinner. 

I’ve wanted to try a meal delivery service for a long time but always thought I couldn’t afford it, so when a friend mentioned that she and her husband were enjoying the perks getting a weekly HelloFresh box sent to their doorstep and preparing home cooked meals a few nights a week, I got super excited. I spent a little time on the website and scoped the variety of plans they had. I could choose from meals for 2, meals for 4, family plans, 3 recipes a week or 4, the classic box with meat and fish dishes, and the vegetarian box and jotted down some numbers. That night went home and looked at my weekly spending and not only did I break even on the cost, it solved the age old question of what to prep for dinner and what to eat for lunch. I excitedly ordered the Classic Box for 2 with 4 recipes a week for $79.92. (Shipping was free and I had a coupon code that my friend provided me with that gave me $40 off my first order, bringing it to $39.92, and helped her get $20 off her next box. Pretty rad!) 

After I signed up, I was taken to a page with 8 meals, one of which was what’s called a Premium Meal. This meal costs a little extra per person, but lives up to it’s name with prime cuts of steak, duck, and higher end sides like mushroom truffle risotto, and specialty produce like heirloom tomatoes. For me, it would be a once in a while treat, but the traditional meals I got to choose from were plenty interesting. Once I chose my 4 meals, I chose a delivery date that worked best for me and impatiently waited for my food to arrive! 

When the box showed up on my doorstep, I opened it to find everything packed incredibly carefully, with each meal separated into brown bags. The exception was the bottom of the box, which had all frozen items surrounded by ice packs. All my meats were still frozen and as I peeked into the bags, the ingredients lived up to the name. They were indeed fresh. I loved that the salmon dish I selected had a note on the sticker indicating that it should be prepared first. I’d already planned to make it in that order, but this attention to detail was appreciated. The recipe cards were printed on glossy, full sheets of paper, and are quality enough to compile and save in a personal cookbook, which I plan on doing as soon as I have time to get crafty with some Mod Podge and a three ring binder. 

My boyfriend, who doesn’t impress easily, pointed out that nearly everything I was sent was completely recyclable and nodded in approval. Once my items were in the fridge, we broke down the box, and let the freezer packs melt in the sink. The gel is water soluble, so once it thawed, I was able to pour the solution into the toilet (yep, they recommend this), rinse out the bags, and recycle those, too. Each time I made a meal, the bags joined my weekly pile, as well. I feel no guilt about ordering. They’re looking out for Mother Earth. 

When it came to preparing my meals, the instructions were simple, easy to follow, and had beautiful pictures to help with dressing the plate and making sure prep went smoothly. Even though I was learning new techniques, I never felt like I was doing anything too beyond my abilities. The recipes contain fresh herbs, seasonal produce, and other simple ingredients that aren’t so outlandish that they scare you and all of the flavors went together so well. I sent my mom photos each night of my meals and she may have been flattering me a little, but said they looked restaurant quality. They certainly tasted that way! 

So, I’ll bet you’re wondering…Am I ordering another box? You bet! Here’s why:

  1. I’m eating real, fresh, high quality, home cooked meals each night and not processed, convenience junk that I was never that excited about.
  2. The variety is awesome. Other than leftovers for lunch, I never eat the same thing twice.  
  3. I’m getting cooking lessons each night, and my confidence in the kitchen has soared in just a week’s time.
  4. I no longer have to subject myself to the anxiety of meal planning, scour the internet for healthy recipes, or feel overwhelmed each week at the store trying to put meals together.
  5. I’ve wanted to eat healthier, and this allows me to do that in a way that not only nourishes my body, but nourishes my soul. I feel joy about my food now, and that’s the greatest gift of all. 

Because I’m such a fan of HelloFresh and I know you will be too, I have a deal for you! If you use this link you can get $40 off of your first box. If you use it, I will earn a thank you of $20 off of my next box from HelloFresh for the referral, and you’ll get a coupon code of your own to offer your family and friends. I’ll be eternally grateful and you’ll get a taste of what I’ve been raving about the past few days!  Bon appetit! 

Wishing You Total Well-Being,