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The Tejomaya Wellness: Essential Oil Academy Starts Monday

     Hey There, Well Beings!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything on this page, but it’s for a really exciting reason, I promise! My Essential Oil Academy, a dream a very long time coming, starts on Monday! I’ve been busy prepping videos and materials for what has been my biggest, scariest goal of the past few years. There’s something about the energy of 2018 that made my decide to face the fear and just do it anyway, so read on for all of the juicy details!

Those of you who have spent any time talking to me know that I am super passionate about essential oils and I have probably had conversations with you about the health benefits and uses of them over the past several years.

Many of you may already have oils in your home and some may be curious if they would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

In order to better serve you, I have created an exclusive Facebook group where I will be teaching about the practical and daily uses of doTERRA’s essential oils and supplements to support a variety of different health/wellness concerns.

The cool thing about the group is you can absorb the education at your own pace so there is no obligation to login or watch videos live. There will also be giveaway opportunities for members of the group to win oils, accessories, and more!

My group is geared towards breaking down essential oil use in a way that is simple, easy and applicable to your daily routine!

This time of year, many people start thinking about bettering their health, and creating habits that support their physical and emotional well-being in the year ahead.

If you are interested in learning additional tips for using your oils or are brand new and excited to learn and start using oils, I would love to have you join!

The group starts Monday! Comment below if you would like to be added and I’ll get you all set up!

Essential Oil Spotlight: Peppermint

     Hey there, Well-Beings! If you asked me for a list of what I thought every brand new essential oil user should start out with, peppermint would be non-negotiable. I use it every single day, and I get a little twitchy when I don’t have a back up waiting in the wings. Straight from the bottle it’s aroma is impossible to mistake, but it plays so well with others that it’s likely hiding in many your favorite blends. Even if you’ve been using oils for as long as I have, you might be surprised by all that it can do.

First, a little botany. Peppermint oil, or Mentha Piperita, is the steam distilled, perennial hybrid of spearmint and water mint. The herb is cultivated on continents with a lot of rainfall, such as Asia, Europe, and North America. It stands around 20-40 inches tall, has a sturdy, square shaped stem, green leaves, and occasionally is seen sporting pale pink or purple blooms. The Pacific Northwest is the top producer of peppermint in the U.S., with the majority of that yield coming from Washington state. The scent is fresh and herbaceous and is used in everything cosmetic preparations to cooking.

The most common use for peppermint oil is oral health products. It’s found in toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath fresheners on shelves in every grocery store in the country. I like to use it to compliment my morning oil pulling routine by adding a drop of peppermint to my coconut oil to improve the taste and kill morning breath. The refreshing flavor really wakes me up when I’d otherwise be sleepily shuffling through the apartment. I also use peppermint oil after a cup of coffee or a pungent meal to keep my mouth fresh. I simply unscrew the lid, press my thumb against the top of the bottle, and then press my thumb against the roof of my mouth and voila! No more fear that I’m offending my coworkers after that onion bagel. Speaking of work, I’ve also been using it to reign in the afternoon slump I sometimes feel when I return from lunch and that little tingle helps me refocus and stay clear headed instead of daydreaming about naps. I apply pre-diluted peppermint oil on my temples and the back of my neck, inhale deeply from the bottle, and I’m ready to answer emails and check projects off my list again.

Peppermint is also a valuable tool for pain management. Because of its main chemical constituent, menthol, peppermint provides a cooling sensation which can be helpful for many types of discomfort. Diluted in a carrier oil and added to a roller bottle, it can be applied to sunburns for soothing relief, can relax sore joints and muscles, and has helped me a time or two with stomach upset, as well. I keep a simple blend of peppermint and lavender in a base of fractionated coconut oil in my purse for head tension and relief from monthly menstrual discomfort, and it’s kept me from tapping out and heading home enough times that I never go anywhere without it.

Perhaps my favorite use for peppermint oil has been to cool off during the summer heat and as relief from hormonal hot flashes. I keep a glass bottle with distilled water, a touch of fractionated coconut oil to coat the sprayer stem, and 10 drops of peppermint oil in my fridge to spray down my face and chest when the heat is on and almost instantly, I’m back to my old self. I get double the use out of this spray by using it as a natural insect repellent for my indoor and outdoor plants and any areas where bugs might get in, I haven’t had a pest problem in over a decade, and it smells so much better than any of the store bought bug sprays I used to use. My finally tip is for cleaning. I add peppermint oil to a vodka and water base and wipe down my sliding glass doors, mirrors, stovetop, and sinks and not only does it fight the smoke smell that sometimes wafts over from neighboring apartments, but it also leaves everything spotless and shiny clean.

Versatile and refreshing, peppermint oil is one my home and handbag aren’t complete without. If you haven’t used it, now is a great time to add it to your arsenal! DoTERRA is giving away a pre-diluted Peppermint Touch roll-on for free through the 15th of September to wholesale members with a qualifying purchase. (Mine is on its way to me right now!) If you want to claim one for yourself, or find out more about how essential oils can uplevel your life, leave a comment below and I’ll give you all the details. Nothing would make me happier than to see you put this beautiful oil to work in your daily life!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Gratitude Review: June

Untitled design(1)     Hey There, Well-Beings!

It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of June. It’s been a pretty busy month for me. I typically opt to curl up at home with a good book, but was able to connect with a few good friends and my family to celebrate my birthday this month, and am really thankful for each of those moments.


Speaking of birthdays, my fella got us both Kindles this year! I’ve been wanting one for a while, but wasn’t as focused as I wanted to be for Black Friday last year, so I was really surprised when he showed up on Saturday with one for the both of us. We used to go to the library, or hit up the local book fairs and charity sales and then spend one hour of our Saturday together reading. I’m not sure how we got out of the habit, but it was something we both enjoyed doing because we could devote some uninterrupted time to our book of choice, but still be together. I’m thankful that we will be picking up where we left off, and maybe also a little grateful (okay, a lot) that I can watch Netflix in bed! I’ve got new seasons of three of my faves to catch up on.


This month, I also joined a really amazing essential oil group that’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Even with my 20 years of experience in aromatherapy, I am still learning something new almost every day and I am surrounded by the most amazing women  who are holistic health professionals, body and energy workers, creative business owners, and some of the coolest and most supportive people in the industry.  I am incredibly fortunate to have been pointed there and even more excited about all of the inspiration I’ve gained and will be able to direct toward an abandoned project that I thought was lost for good.  This has been life changing for me, and I’m only a month in! I can’t wait to see where I am in a year from now.

Untitled design(1)

My outdoor photo shoots have been ramping up lately, too.  In fact I’m even looking at adding a fourth camera to my collection and am squirreling away a little cash here and there to make that a reality. (You should see the pictures this thing takes! I cannot wait to take it out for a spin!) I’m even exploring the option of taking an evening class to enhance my skills and get better behind the lens and am having so much fun taking day trips out to practice my craft. I don’t know where I’m headed with this quite yet, but I’m really enjoying the journey and am thankful for the outlet.

What has been making you so happy that you just want to tell the world? Do you have any good news to share? What is the single most gratitude inspiring thing to happen to you in the last few weeks? Share in the comments below and let’s celebrate each other’s happy moments this past month!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Essential Oil Spotlight: Patchouli

PATCHOULI     Oh, Patchouli! Nothing divides folks quite like it’s rich, pungent aroma. Whether you’re firmly on Team Hate It, or you would roll around in the stuff like I would, there’s still plenty that’s worth noting about this resinous, controversial oil.  Before you write it off as stinky, I’ve written some words about this exotic beauty and it’s many benefits.

If you were alive in the 60s and 70s, you probably got more than a nostril full of patchouli in the form of incense or perfume oil. It was around for centuries prior to the hippie movement, though. My favorite historical note about this plant dates back to Ancient Egypt whee King Tut was said to have arranged to be buried with almost 10 gallons of oil infused with patchouli. In the 19th century, Asian countries began using the oil to protect fabrics from moth damage when being exported to other countries. I inherited a beautiful silk robe from my grandmother who purchased it on a business trip to Hong Kong and to this day, I can still catch a faint whiff of of it if I press it to my nose.  That’s pretty impressive, considering she would have brought it home well over 30 years ago!

silk robe

Patchouli essential oil is made by collecting the flowering tops of the plant and steam distilling it. It’s also a bit like a fine wine, in that the scent tends to deepen with time. This is why it may be time to give that bottle you cast aside another go, if you’ve written it off in the past. It may have reached a point in it’s mellowing where you find it agrees with you. I’ve found that the longer I have a bottle, the more resinous and darker the color becomes. This can make it a little hard to get out of the reducer, but oh so worth it it you adore the scent of an aged patchouli.

So, what is it good for? Patchouli can be quite soothing for the emotions and for relaxing frayed nerves. I get that some of you may be reluctant to put it on as perfume, but it can be quite beautiful in a blend that balances some of it’s noted potency. I love placing it in the diffuser or fragrance blend with citrus and florals (bergamot and ylang ylang are favorites) to soften it’s presence. I also love it for acne flare-ups. I’m starting to see wrinkles, but I still have hormonal breakouts from time to time, and I love adding a drop to my skin creams and serums to keep inflammation and bacteria at bay. I also love to use patchouli as a deodorizer. I use it as an underarm spray and in my running shoes to keep things fresh.


Patchouli is one of those oils that is generally regarded as safe for humans. If you’re pregnant or nursing, talk to a doctor just to be on the safe side. If you’re interested in using essential oils on your kids and pets, it’s a good practice to run that past a certified professional, especially since they may not be able to tell you that something doesn’t feel right.

Ready to give patchouli a try, or even a second chance? I get mine at Mountain Rose Herbs, and I’m thrilled with the quality and price. I love it so much I became an affiliate!


I want to hear from you. Do you love patchouli as much as I do? Do you have a blend you use that you just love? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Essential Oil Spotlight: Bergamot

bergamot-354152_1920      Earlier this month, I shared with you some of the benefits of lemon essential oil when I posted my tutorial for Lemon Poppyseed Sugar Scrub. Today, I wanted to sing the praises of another, lesser known essential oil, Bergamot.

When you open a bottle of Bergamot for the first time, there’s a good chance it will have you thinking about tea. That’s because Bergamot is the small citrus fruit that gives Earl Grey it’s distinctive je ne sais quois. It’s also been used in men’s and women’s fragrance for centuries. It’s origins are unclear, but a popular theory is that the fruit trees were brought by ship to Bergamo, Italy after a voyage to the Canary Islands. Bergamot is still grown in Italy, as well as some parts of France and Turkey, where it’s used to flavor the delicious dessert, Turkish Delight.


When used to make essential oil, the rind of the fruit is cold pressed, as it is with all citrus oils. What results is a fresh, slightly sweet, almost floral fragrance. It plays extremely well with others. In fact, you’d have a hard time coming up with an oil that Bergamot doesn’t blend with. It holds it’s own, too. I love wearing it in my diffuser necklace, as personal perfume and  diffusing the single note in my home. When bad moods, stress and tension try to take your down, Bergamot can be a wonderful means to lift your spirits and stabilizing the emotions. According to Ayurveda, it can also help to balance Vata and Kapha. There have been some interesting studies on the use of Bergamot for a variety of skin complaints, such as acne and psoriasis.

In general, citrus oils have some issues that are worth noting. First, they can be toxic to cats, so don’t apply them directly to your sweet fur-kids. As a rule of thumb, I don’t put any oils on my pets that I haven’t first researched heavily and then talked to my vet about. You’re probably not going to encounter any issues with diffusing it in your home, but dosing fluffy just isn’t a good idea. The other thing to be cautious about when using citrus oils is photo-sensitivity. Citrus oils can cause skin irritation when exposed to direct sunlight for up to 72 hours after using them, so try and limit your time outside if you’re using then on the skin, or just play it safe and stick to inhalation methods only. If you’re still going to apply them, be sure to dilute your oils in an appropriate carrier or lotion. Though it’s a controversial position, I’d also stay away from using any essential oils internally. We just don’t know enough about what the long-term effects of essential oil ingestion are and what happens when we mix them with medicines and supplements. Your health is far more important than any suggested benefit by using oils in this way. Bergamot specifically is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, so mommies, please be careful.

Be careful with your pretty kitty friends. Their livers don't filter most essential oils.

Be careful with your pretty kitty friends. Their livers don’t filter most essential oils.

Ready to add Bergamot to your essential oil line-up? I get my favorite one from Mountain Rose Herbs.  High quality, Certified Organic Bergamot can be a little on the pricey side and I don’t need a wholesale membership to get a good deal. You can get your own bottle of Bergamot here. I do get a small commission for any business I send their way, but it allows me to keep content like this on my blog and it keeps me in Bergamot, too. I can’t wait for you to sniff this stuff!


I want to hear from you. Are you already using this beautiful oil? What do you love about it?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Gratitude Review: April

tulip-1271715_1920     Happy Sunday, Sweet Readers! How has your April been? Mine has been mostly fantastic and I’m ready to share some of the brightest spots in this month’s Gratitude Review! The weather has been so gorgeous that I want you to promise me you’ll get outside today after you read this, deal? Okay, let’s get to gratefulness!

I say mostly fantastic because honestly, my heart is still very broken and raw from the news of Prince’s passing on Thursday. His metamorphic music served as soundtrack for so many of my own transformations, that I always felt an affinity for him that I have tried and failed many times over to explain in the past few days since he’s been gone. I am forever grateful for the ways his music, and him boldly being exactly who he was, helped me to understand myself. That’s the kind of gift you can never repay.


I’m still loving my Drops of Joy Jewelry diffuser necklace. I’ve worn it as often as I’ve had a chance. It smells great and looks pretty darn cute, too. It’s wonderful to have a pretty little boost of happy around my neck whenever I need it.


I stocked up on supplies for several fun tutorials that I can’t wait to get started on. Whenever a Mountain Rose Herbs box arrives, I know there’s awesomeness inside! I cannot wait to get busy making stuff and shooting my photos for these DIYs! This kind of work really makes my heart happy.


I bought a new camera recently, and while I’m still getting to know it, I absolutely love the feeling of being behind the lens. It’s so relaxing and brings me so much joy. I’ve tried to pick it up and get a few photographs every day, and I’ve been really good about sticking to that. If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, you’re probably seeing evidence of that! I’m so thankful for taking the leap and doing this for myself.


I want to hear from you! What’s made you really happy this month? Are your flowers blooming? Did you book a great vacation? Are you working on a creative project that’s making your heart sing? Tell me all about it in the comments below! I want to help you celebrate the joyful moments! I’m also here if you want to share your memories about Prince. I know he touched a lot of lives, and I’d love to hear about how he changed yours. Much love to you, Darling Hearts.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Essential Oil Spotlight: What is an Absolute?

jasmine     If you’re an aromatherapy lover, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the word “absolute” as you’ve scanned bottles of essential oils online or in your health food store. If you’re curious like me, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered what in the heck an absolute is and what makes it different than the other oils it shares shelf space with. Today, I’m answering your burning questions about these oft misunderstood members of the aromatherapy family. Stick around until the end because I’ve also put together a lovely recipe for you!

What is an absolute?    When working with certain fragile flowers, the normal methods of extraction are not always feasible. The heat employed in steam distillation cause the super-delicate plant material to collect in a mass that is too large for steam to pass through and when this happens, a two-stage process is employed to extract the oil. First the material is placed in a cylindrical drum along with a solvent (typical solvents are toulene or hexane) and this drum rotates to allow the material to absorb the solvent and separate the aromatic extract. The extract is then vacuum distilled to remove the solvent, and what remains is classified either as a concrete (if the result is waxy) or a resinoid (if it has a resinous texture), Concretes and resinoids are useful products on their own, but in order to create a liquid from the heavy consistency, a second process is performed. In this step, alcohol is introduced (usually ethanol) and it goes to work to separate the aromatic compound from the wax or resin. Once cooled, the wheat separates from the chaff if you will, the resulting aromatic essence is filtered and the alcohol is vacuum distilled off. What’s remaining is an absolute.

What other differences are there?    The consistency is often heavier, and sometimes requires a little ingenuity to get out of the bottle. If you’ve ever liquefied solid coconut oil by setting the jar in warm water, then you’re already a pro at this. The same method works quite well when dealing with sticky absolutes. The fragrance of an absolute is also pretty dang identical to it’s live, growing source. For this reason, some producers even use this method to extract fragrance from plant material that can endure traditional steam distillation. Absolutes are often more concentrated than their steam distilled counterparts, as well. In some cases, they are so powerful that someone who isn’t trained in aromatherapy cannot even recognize them without heavy dilution. They can be wonderful for naturally scenting beauty products or making perfumes because so little is needed and the benefit is still so great.

Wouldn’t the chemicals used in the process ruin the therapeutic benefit?    You’d think so, but not if the producer can be trusted to uphold good manufacturing standards. This is why it’s so important to align yourself with a company who has a good reputation for clean, quality products and not just slick marketing and pretty packaging. If you trust your company of choice with essential oils, it’s probably safe to assume their absolutes are safe, too. If you’re concerned about solvent use, it’s good to know that they cost a pretty penny, so most companies making absolutes will want to make sure they get as much out as possible for recycling purposes.When in doubt, ask for a recent GC/MS report. If the company is one of the good guys, they will be happy to provide you with one and will take the time to educate you about the process their absolutes go through to put your mind at ease. If they aren’t upfront or something doesn’t feel right, keep looking. As for the alcohols, there are barely detectable amounts left in a properly produced absolute. As long as they are diluted properly and not being applied neat, which you should never be doing unless guided by a certified aromatherapist or physician, you’d be looking at parts per trillion. If you’re still concerned about applying absolutes to the skin, you can simply diffuse them instead, and still get the benefits.

Speaking of diffusing, didn’t I say I was going to give you a recipe? I created this Absolutely Uplifting Diffuser Blend just for you! The beauty of this blend is that while it’s making your home smell amazing, it also contains oils and an absolute that have been reputed to help lift your spirits, too! How rad is that?! Here’s what you need:

Absolutely Uplifting Diffuser Blend

Follow the directions on the diffuser of your choice, hit play and enjoy!

I want to hear from you! Do you have experience using absolutes? Which ones are your favorites? Are there any you’re excited to try? Leave me a comment below and feel free to share any recipes you’ve made using these awesome members of the aromatherapy family!

Wishing you Total Well-Being (and Happy Sniffing!),


P.S. You can get the oils I mentioned above through my affiliate link. If you buy them through me you get good prices on great oils and absolutes, and I get to spend a little extra each month putting together more recipes and future tutorials!


Essential Oil Spotlight: Hydrosols

chamomile     When you’ve been in the world of aromatherapy for a little while, you’ll eventually hear the term hydrosol, or floral water. When you extract an essential oil from plant material using water or steam distillation, there is condensate water left over. This byproduct of essential oil production isn’t tossed out, it’s highly valuable! Because the condensate water contains the essence of the plant being used to create the essential oil, it’s therapeutic and wonderful for a variety of cosmetic preparations. Because it is milder than an essential oil, it’s able to be used in circumstances where an oil might be too strong or cause irritation. On average, they contain only 0.2% of the essential oil that batch produced. This makes them good choices for children, older folks, pregnant women and people with very sensitive skin.


The term ‘floral water” might be a tad antiquated. Hydrosols come from a variety of plants and while they do indeed include flowers such as Rose, Ylang Ylang and Neroli (Orange Blossom), they can also be made from herbs, needles, roots and woods. Just like essential oils, hydrosols are available in Eucalyptus, Douglas Fir, Rosemary and Peppermint, just to name a few. Unlike essential oils, you can find hydrosols in varieties where essential oils are not common or not possible to produce, like cucumber. These types of hydrosols are wonderful for people who want to use only natural plant essences to make perfumes. Another benefit is that hydrosols often cost less than essential oils, so they are a great place to start if you’re on a budget, but still want to experience the wonderful aroma of these beautiful plants.


Hydrosols make excellent skin toners. I pour mine into spray top bottles and keep them in the refrigerator. I’ve used Rose hydrosol to hydrate my dry winter skin and Peppermint hydrosol for my face, neck and chest to cool off in the hot summer months. Soak a cotton ball or pad in Cucumber hydrosol and rest them on tired, puffy eyes for natural relief. Two to three tablespoons of Chamomile hydrosol can help your little one relax when added to warm bathwater. They are also fantastic linen sprays. Not sleeping all that well? Softly scent your sheets and pillowcases with dreamy, pure lavender. Ahh, now that’s better!


While I’d still be cautious around animals and check for any possible contraindications, hydrosols are fun to use and generally regarded as safe. Just make sure you’re getting the real thing and not a synthetic version. A reputable company will be transparent about their production methods and won’t mind explaining to you how they are made.

I want to hear from you! Let me know how you use hydrosols and which ones are your favorites. Feel free to share any cool combos you come up with or any unexpected ways you’ve come up with to use these wonderful waters. Happy hydrosoling!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


P.S. If you’re still a little confused about where to go to find quality hydrosols, I’m really happy with the quality, prices, and service I get from Mountain Rose Herbs. If you use my affiliate link to order, I get a small thank-you commission from the company that allows me to keep this blog going and you get to use some of the best dang products on the planet.


Announcement Time: I’m a Mountain Rose Herbs Affiliate!

rosemary-919234_1920     I’m over-the-moon-excited to announce that I am now a Mountain Rose Herbs Affiliate! What does that mean? Simply put, the company who I’ve personally been using for my aromatherapy and DIY beauty needs is kind enough to pay me a small commission every time one of you lovely folks buys something using one of the banner ads or product specific links on my page. It does not alter the price you pay, limit the offerings available to you, or affect the security of your purchase in any way. What going through my links does help me accomplish is defraying some of the cost of maintaining the blog and allow me to afford some extra goodies so I can create fun, future content for you to enjoy. That’s pretty fantastic, right?

Now, I get that some of you may be skeptical. It won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to do your own research. In fact, I urge you to! It’s so important to be informed when it comes to essential oils because they are not all the same. Dig deep because your health is on the line! My biggest reason for going with Mountain Rose Herbs for my own personal needs was that affordability didn’t come with a compromise to quality. I get Organic and wild crafted items without over-inflated prices and I’m supporting a company that supports Fair Trade and respects the planet. I’m building my practice and business on these same whole-heartfelt principles. It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m honored that they are giving me this awesome opportunity!

As for the blog, you’ve probably noticed that it’s already taken an aromatherapy focus of late. It’s a shift that’s given me a lot of joy and an abundance of topics to write about. I haven’t felt this happy since I fell so madly in love with a little bottle of lavender oil 18 years ago! If there’s anything about aromatherapy or essential oils that you want to learn about, leave me a comment and I’ll get right on it! In the meantime, feel free to check out the Mountain Rose Herbs website and have a look around. Don’t miss the Specials tab at the top of the page! It’s a great place to stock up on-the-cheap and try something new.

Wishing You Total Well-Being,




Essential Oil Spotlight: Aromatherapy Aphrodisiacs

black-and-white-1031639_1920     I just love LOVE! Even when I was a single lady navigating the rough waters of Valentine’s Day by my lonesome, I still went home and watched romantic classic movies and daydreamed about having a hunky fella to pop the popcorn and light the candles. Now that I’ve had a wonderful man in my life for a while, I’ve been thinking about ways to keep things new and exciting. If you know me, you know that I’m an aromatherapy junkie, so I relished the opportunity to put together a few single oils for you to try and a blend that I absolutely love.

First though, a history lesson! Aphrodisiacs, a scent or substance that increases sexual desire or pleasure, was named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite was, of course, the Goddess of Love. Talk about a great title, am I right?!


Now for some single oils! For the ladies I’m loving Rose. Yes, it’s a potent aphrodisiac, but it also opens your heart chakra! How awesome is that? It can be pricy, so if it’s not in your budget by itself, you can find it already in a carrier, like jojoba for far comfier price. You can also look for rose hydrosols which you’ll adore as a facial toner, too. I also really love Ylang Ylang, these days. I’ve been describing it to friends as euphoria in a bottle. Again, it’s wonderful for magic moments, but this oil is so, so good for anger! Use it to get close to your Honey, but keep it when you’re stuck in traffic and you want to beat your fists on the dashboard. It’s truly lovely and so easy to blend with.


Guys, for you I’m loving Patchouli, a noted aphrodisiac that helps to release fears and decrease inhibitions. If your lover loves it, they’ll probably love it on you or in an aromatherapy candle. Just make sure you’re actually buying one made with essential oils to get the benefits! I use it in a linen mist, but because of its amber, resinous texture and color, I’d avoid spraying it on light colored sheets just to make sure they don’t stain. That’s decidedly unsexy. Sandalwood is another oil that’s a great mood setter. It enhances feelings of openness by opening the root chakra. It’s another exotic scent that many find very sexy. Both are popular base notes used in lots of men’s and women’s fragrances.

Of course there are other oils you could use to set the mood for romance, these are just a few of my faves. Part of the fun of aromatherapy is playing with the oils and discovering what works and what you really love. Just make sure you dilute your essential oils in a carrier of some type to make sure you don’t irritate your skin. Here’s a blend with a carrier built in that you can use to give your partner a romantic massage! This one is good for both men and women. Enjoy!

Amorous Massage Oil:

Ylang Ylang 2 drops

Bergamot 2 drops

Patchouli 1 drop

Jojoba Oil 1 oz

You could easily sub in any of the citrus oils if Bergamot isn’t your fave, but I would definitely recommend using Jojoba oil so you don’t change the fragrance of your blend. It’s unscented and it’s the carrier oil that most closely mimics human sebum, so it’s really easily absorbed and good for all skin types.


I want to hear from you! Do you have a tried and true oil or blend that makes you feel all lovey-dovey? Share it in the comments below.

Wishing You Total Well-Being (and Romance),


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