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Tejomaya Wellness: A Written Return


     Hi there, Well-Beings!

I’m back after a very extended break and am looking so forward to sharing from my heart with you again. Enough time has passed and there are so many beautiful new faces in my life as a part of my Essential Oil Academy, that I thought it might be nice to do a little re-introduction and catch up with a quick 5W style interview.

Who am I? For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Jennifer, and I am a meditation teacher, an artist, a Usui Reiki Master, an essential oil educator, and after about a year and a half away, I am a wellness blogger again. I’m also dog mom to a rescue terrier with a big personality, named Harrison (after George). If you couldn’t tell already, a Beatlemaniac. I’m a novice chef, a collector of plants, an up-lifter, and a dream encourager. I hope those last two are reflected in everything I say and do.

What is this Tejomaya Wellness thing all about? I completely and totally believe we are here to teach the things we most need to learn in this life, and after struggling with chronic illness, debilitating grief, and crippling anxiety and depression , I learned how important Self Care can be. In the worst of it, it was the difference between ending my life and living to see another day. It was the light in the darkness for me. Learning stress management techniques like meditation, using herbs and oils to support the emotions, reaching out to my doctor for help when I couldn’t do it on my own, and reducing the toxic load in my home and in my food choices all contributed to that light burning a little bit brighter, the by-product being a deep desire to spread that light to others who are struggling like I did.  Tejomaya is a Sanskrit word that means full of light, and I hope you find that light on these pages. You have gifts inside of you that the world needs, Love. I’m here to help you find the spark.

When did you decide to come back to blogging after being away for so long? Somewhere in my heart, I always knew I’d come back, but there was a lot of resistance in the year I spent away. First, because I was healing. I left a job where day-long panic attacks were the norm, and I think I underestimated the amount of time it was going to take me to come out on the other side of it. I expected a couple of months, but it took a full 12 and counting. I still have flare-ups from time to time, but I developed protocols with emotional support oils, I check back in with my doctor as needed, and I rest when I know I should. It feels right to return so I let my heart lead me back. Second, I have been teaching about the thing I’m most passionate about in the whole world, essential oils, but I am an introvert, so I learned pretty quickly that videos and a social media heavy presence aren’t really me. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried them anyway. Sure, I could do them, but there’s always been something deep down inside me that knows I’m a writer, and that I find my most authentic voice behind my laptop with a mug of steeping tea to my left, and a snoozing terrier to my right. It’s just my nature. I’m thankful that I heard and heeded that little voice in May that said I should renew my webhosting, because this was always part of the plan. I’m even more thankful that I am listening to the little voice that said it was time to start typing again.

Where do you see this blog going in the future? It’s hard to say anything with any certainty, but I know that right now, I want this to be the central hub for all of my essential oil education. I see Essential Oil Spotlights on the horizon, a space to share blends and protocols that I hold dear, and most importantly a safe space to share with each other and ask questions. Will it be just essential oils? Heavens, no.  I have no doubt my heart will lead me down all kinds of paths when it comes to wellness, but Self Care and Aromatherapy will be at the heart of all I do, because it’s been the thing that’s helped me the most. It’s hard not to talk about what you love. <3

Why did you decide to start writing again? Because there are people in this world who are hurting as I was, and I may have learned something from my own pain that could help. Because when you go through something that’s hard and you let it soften your heart and teach you things, you can’t help but try to help. I do this because sometimes after a long period of not putting my fingers to a keyboard, the words just bubble over and find their way out anyway. I share because it’s a creative outlet for me and as an artist, I’ve learned some of my best life lessons in the quiet stillness of the creation process. I write because my heart says “write”.

I am so happy to be back, Dear Hearts. I hope you find comfort, knowledge, and love here. Let me know if there are any essential oils or topics that are close to your hearts that you’d like to see me cover and I will do my best to make that happen for you. Until the next post, may you be well, may you be happy, and may you live with ease.

Wishing You Total Well-being,





Treat Yo Self: Ivory Clasp Subscription

TreatYoSelf_     Hey There, Well Beings!  It’s been a busy Sunday. My taxes are complete, my errands have been run, and while I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to watch the Super Bowl tonight, I wanted to share a cool experience I had with a new company. I have been singing the praises of self care and treating yourself every now and then for years , but I looked around and realized that it’s been a while since I shared a tangible example of how I’m living that lesson in my own life.  After doing a major closet purge last year of things that either didn’t fit or I just didn’t love, I found myself in want of a few things and after checking out my handbag situation, I decided I needed some help. I had an oversized orange tote that I love, but goes with very little and this happy little burst of pink I talked about here. What I didn’t have was a sturdy black bag, anything that was work appropriate, or anything more current than last year, so I decided to check out a handbag styling service and see if they could help me hip things up a little bit.

Enter Ivory Clasp, a subscription handbag service that showed up on my radar just as I started making a wish list of things I wanted. For just $45 a month, every other month, or each season, their stylists pick out an on trend bag that has a retail price tag of $100 or more and ship it to your door. I took a fun five minute style quiz and sent my awesome stylist a link to a Pinterest board of the types of bags I liked so she could get a feel for my taste and she responded quickly and was seriously so cool! We had a really nice conversation via email and I totally felt like a VIP, so I was feeling pretty happy about the experience before my shipment even left the warehouse. It made waiting for the box such a cool experience. It did so much to set my positive expectancy in motion. I just knew my bag was going to be amazing.

It got here earlier this week and I had to share it with you because I am one happy lady! I asked for classic, work appropriate, but still wearable with my casual go-to outfit (jeans and a cardigan), and I think my stylist completely nailed it! I’d indicated in my notes at the end of my style quiz that I was in desperate need of a black bag, and she really listened and came through big time. Plus, it’s vegan leather, so I’m thrilled. No precious, big-eyed cows were harmed in the making of my bag. Karma points and a cute bag! <3

Everything came wrapped so carefully. I love how much care went into protecting my new bag. They even included a hand signed note from the whole team! It’s touches like this that really made the experience special:


If that wasn’t enough, they included this cute, faux fur pom keychain and clip with my order <3:


Here are some shots of the front, back, and inside of the bag once I got it unwrapped:


InsideInside 2

I took my new bag to work and got so many compliments on it:

Untitled design

Did I mention that I used a coupon code, so I ended up paying less than $45 for a bag that costs $138 full retail? Not too shabby, eh? :


Speaking of coupon codes, if you are as excited as I am about handbags and want to check out this awesome subscription service as a treat yo self, you can use the special code RENDERIC at checkout, Ivory Clasp will give you 20% off of your first handbag. Enjoy! If you decide to try out Ivory Clasp, send me a photo of your bag in the comments. I want to see what you got!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,


P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, just something fun I spent my own money on and thought you might enjoy reading about and checking out.


High Vibe Playlist: My Tracks

mixtape love     Hey there, Darling Hearts! How are your High Vibe Playlists coming along? As promised, I’ve put mine together and I’m ready to share a few tracks with you! What good is is to make something if we don’t put our creations out there in the world, right? It’s okay if it’s not your cup of tea. What resonates with one person may not with another, and that’s kinda what makes music great. It allows you to take a single concept and express it in infinite, and infinitely different, ways. Why else would there be so many love songs?

I’m just going to highlight a few selections for this post. (Keep reading to the end  to get your hands on the entire list, though!) I had too many tracks to write about them all, but hopefully this gives you a taste of what to expect. I covered a lot of genres and decades, so there’d be no easy way to include everything here. Ready for a preview?

fuck yeah records

My first selection is “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I know this song gets played quite a bit, but it’s actually the ringtone I set for my fella. I first heard it at the end of one of the episodes of Raising Hope where everyone is sitting around a dinner table smiling and it gave me happy goosebumps. It still does that even though I’ve heard it a thousand times.

I picked “Come to Me” by Koop because it used to come on the piped-in music at one of my favorite jobs as a makeup artist. I was doing regular facials and makeovers for women who were low in their self-care tanks and it was crazy-rewarding to be able to help them in that way. I loved this song because even though it was new at the time, it felt old and really familiar. I still feel joy whenever I listen to it.

I chose Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” for a couple of reasons. First, my dad liked Van Morrison quite a bit and his music always helps me stay close to him. The other reason is that this song is also on my self-care playlist that I put on during my weekly aromatherapy salt-bath soak. It totally relaxes me because it evokes that feeling you get when you just lay down in the grass and stare up at the sky (or in my case, lay down in the tub and stare up at the ceiling). There’s not much that makes me happier than being able to shut all of the noise of the week out and bliss out for a couple of hours.

So I don’t run you off with a novel of a post, I’ll cut my selections off here, but I should mention that I’m not finished with my list! This process ended up morphing into a project that feels better left open. As I’m reminded of something I love or discover something new, I want to be able to continue adding to my joy by adding to my playlist. If you’re having fun with this project, I recommend you do this, too. There’s something to be said for rediscovering a great song, but with the way my mind tends to jump from one thing to another, I’d so much rather keep them all in a safe place so I don’t have to go 15 years between listens. <3

tunes and tea

 In case you’re curious about the songs I highlighted or want to follow along as I add things to my playlist, I saved my selections to Spotify so you can join in the fun! In fact, if you’re on Spotify and you decide to post yours too, shoot me a comment so I can follow you. Swapping music is one of my favorite things to do, and I’d love to see what gets your spirits up! I hope the week ahead of you is a wonderful one and that you have plenty of great tunes to keep your vibes high!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Tuesday Night Beauty: A Peek Into My Weekly Self-Care Ritual

clairisonic     As part of my self-care goals for 2016, I’ve created a weekly pampering ritual that I’m just now willing to admit in a public forum. Not because taking care of myself is anything to be ashamed of, but I do have an confession to make. I’m a QVC addict! Not in the “Wow, this credit card bill is outrageous” sort of way, but if I’m not actively marathoning something with the BF while the TV is on, the channel is set to the Q. I know all of the hosts by name and can tell you what days and times most of the regular segments are on. I don’t know what it is about it, but it totally relaxes me. I get a little good-natured ribbing from the fella and a few friends over it, especially when I started seriously considering elastic-waist pants at 35 years young, but it is what it is. I won’t change!

My favorite night to watch is Tuesday, because of Tuesday Night Beauty. It’s a whole show dedicated to nothing but beauty products. As a former make-up artist, I love seeing all of the latest and greatest in the world of cosmetics. I’ve cleaned up most of the products I use of petrochemicals, parabens and other hormone disruptors, but I still love staying informed and seeing what’s shiny and new. Because of this, I started paying attention to my virtually non-existent beauty routine since I started school and began using that night to administer a little TLC. I don’t do any work or go out and socialize that night, I slip into my prettiest lounge-wear, put on the Q and take my time to really savor the experience and care for myself.


I started mixing up a detoxing masque of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar and let it sit for 30 minutes while I put some argan oil on my hair and coconut oil on my cuticles. Once my masque is dry, I rinse it off. It takes a little effort, so I steam a washcloth and give a little extra love to my pores. When it’s all off, I wash with my favorite herbal cleanser and then apply argan oil to my face and decollete. Coconut oil goes on as eye cream and anywhere else that needs added moisture, and then I give myself a healthy manicure. I’ve been using No Miss nail polishes for a while, because they are toluene and formaldehyde free and they come in great colors. After that, I drink my Natural Calm magnesium drink (it’s like a massage in a cup!) and put a little lavender oil in the soles of my feet and go to bed early. The best part is that I always wake up on Wednesday feeling like a million bucks.

What started out as a deep conditioning treatment and a general reminder to use eye cream has really blossomed into my favorite night of the work week. It’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made in my mood and it’s even making Mondays more tolerable, because I know I’m only a day away from a little slice of happy. I don’t joke about Mondays, either! It’s really a lovely treat to look forward to.


I want to hear from you! Do you have a special self-care ritual that you enjoy? Tell me about it in the comments below! You never know what will inspire others to take better care of themselves, so don’t be afraid to share. No judgement here! Besides, it’s a Sunday. I’m too busy watching “In the Kitchen with David”. 🙂

Wishing You Total Well-Being,



Gratitude Review: Goodbye to 2015

winter-654442_1920     Is it just me, or was December a tough month? I was sick for most of it, and got some sad news that’s affecting someone very important to me, then capped it off with not-so-fun quarrel that had me pretty stressed and heart-sick for a few days. I’m certainly not sad to have been able to set the counter back to zero at midnight. Since I missed my usual Gratitude Review last month and I want to give January a fighting chance, I thought I’d actually start the month with some of the highlights from my 2015 and share them with all of you. So Duke, roll that beautiful bean footage…

yoga meditation

I started my year accomplishing something that I still sit in total thankful awe over. In January of last year I completed my Meditation Teacher’s Certification. It was the best experience, and one I’m so proud of.

busted ankle

In June I slipped and seriously injured my ankle.  I know that isn’t really a thing most people jump for joy about, or in my case hobble, but a mighty good lesson came out of it.  Rest. I started out the year thinking I was going to get sh!t done. If anything, I was overeager about it. When I fell, it forced me to take a looooong look at my schedule and do some serious soul searching. What it did is teach me to slow down and learn to say no when saying yes was really not in my best interest. I also got to heap a lot of self-care on myself because, dang yo, it really hurt. I’m better now thankfully, and I have been applying this lesson ever since.

aromatherapy school

In July, I started aromatherapy school. I’m still at it, albeit after changing schools and finding an instructor that was a better fit for me, but I’m on track to finish early this year. The timing of this is perfect, as I was blessed with about a thousand ideas this week that I want to bring to life in the form of classes, books and products in 2016. Cannot friggin’ wait.


I caught two shows this year that made me pretty dang happy. I went to see Janeane Garofalo and Stevie Wonder within a week of each other and I’m still riding that high. If you were a teenager in the 90’s and you tended more toward alt-rock than pop, you know why Janeane is important. She was really my first foray into feminism and I’m glad of it. If I need to tell you why Stevie Wonder is important, than I feel I should give you my personal phone number so we can have a little talk. I’m a concert-goer. I love a live show. I’ve seen everybody from Aerosmith to Tori Amos. This one was the best one. The talent in that man will bring tears to your eyes. It also came with a soulful sermon about how we all need to be nicer to each other that I really appreciated. Go see him if you can. The words living legend fit him like a glove.


In November, I also did a 30-day photo challenge to up my game in the thankfulness department and boy, am I ever glad I did it. I practice gratitude daily, choosing at least 3 things that I’m thankful for and committing them to paper, but this wasn’t just picking an item and jotting it down. It was hunting for or taking a photo that represented the feeling, which allowed me to be creative regularly. It was taking several minutes to describe to a stranger why that item had importance to me, which gave me the gift of truly and totally getting into that space of thankfulness about it so that it translated to others. It let me share feelings with others that helped them feel gratitude in their own lives.  It was basically a big old love fest, and I will be doing it again this year and at least once a week on my social media accounts. Such a worthwhile activity!

This week, I challenge you to take the time to sit down and write your own year in review. You don’t have to share it, but do make sure you get real. Not all of it will be good, but it is good to be honest about what went weird on you so you can make positive changes and it’s also a great tool for looking back and seeing where there were lessons in the things that started out rotten, but helped you realize something great by year’s end. Hindsight is always 20/20, after all! When you’re done with the not-so-fab, more on to the things that really lit your fire and gave you goosebumps and shout that stuff from the rooftops. Happy reviewing and share some of your highlights in the comments!


Wishing You Total Well-Being,


Why You Should Do One Thing That Makes You Happy Every Day!

sunglasses-635269_1280     It sounds pretty obvious that we should care for ourselves by making room for happiness in our lives and yet somehow, the most of us don’t. We do things for our kids, pets and spouses, we keep the house from falling apart, we run errands and we go to work, and once were done with all of that, time for ourselves just seems to slip through the cracks.  Sometimes it feels easier to sacrifice the things we want, but doing just one small thing to bring ourselves joy each day is probably the most important thing we will do with our allotted 24 hours.

If you’re not happy, you’re not giving others the best version of you. You may feel it’s your soul’s purpose to help others, whether it’s your family, your friends or people who have been through the same things you have and need the lessons you’ve learned to dig themselves out. For this reason, it is critical that you put yourself first sometimes in order to be the best you that you can be. You can’t help anyone if you’re not healthy and whole. Your happiness is a big part of that. If taking the time to maintain joy means you get to help more people, you owe it to yourself to make it a priority.

It’s super easy when you’re stressed and busy to lose sight of the here and now. I so get what it’s like to be chugging along and have a well intentioned soul remind you to stay in the present. Like, really? Where do they think I am, if not dealing with the present. That’s just it, though. When this happens, we’re usually  on auto-pilot. We get so lost in the to-do, that we’re not even there for the to-be.

It’s okay if you want to swear at me for reminding you. I can take it, but having a special moment of sweetness each day will do so much more for you than just give you a little joy. It will bring you into the present moment, allow you to recharge and experience gratitude. These things will let you go back to your routine with strength to finish your day strong. Don’t take it for granted.

Also, do your best not to wait until you’re on empty to refill your tank. It’s going to happen, because life is just that way sometimes, but if you wait until you’re drained to recharge your happiness battery, you’re inviting more unhappiness into your life. You get short with the kids, your sleep takes a dive, your immune system suffers. Worse even, you miss a day or days of work, which might force you to take better care of yourself and your needs, but at a high cost. Depending on your benefits at your job you may end up with unpaid time off and or a large pile of work to return to. Guess what that brings you? Even more to feel unhappy about!

The good news is, you can prevent that from happening, by making an appointment with yourself every day. Whether you draw yourself a nightly bath, buy yourself a new flavor of tea every few weeks, or do something uniquely-you to raise your happiness is totally up to you. If you need help making the time, make a deal with your partner or trade a babysitting night with a friend who also has kids. Keep your eyes peeled for little gifts from God and/or the Universe, like a delayed appointment or waking up before the alarm and fill the time with a guilty pleasure sing-a-long or whatever will raise those good feelings the fastest in the extra time you’ve been given. If you make yourself a priority, reality will shift to make it possible. It’s all about intention.

If you’re stumped as to how to make room for joy, leave a comment and we’ll help each other out! No matter what though, see this through. I promise you, you are so worth it!

Wishing You Total Well-Being,


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